Joe Biden appeared at a CNN town hall this week. Most are criticizing the event for throwing nothing but softballs at the Democratic candidate. But even with the network trying to help, Biden couldn’t help himself. He spent most of his time attacking Donald Trump, especially over COVID. Yet again, Biden made no sense when he discussed COVID deaths.

Biden (or should we say, his campaign) has tried his darnedest to make the COVID pandemic all Trump’s fault. He and the rest of the Democrats (including those that run the media) have refused to hold China accountable for anything. Biden consistently claims Trump’s leadership since the outbreak has been wrong—yet Biden himself has offered zero guidance and leadership himself. Anything he’s recommended that works, Trump had done much sooner.

Yet Biden still tries to use the China virus as ammunition against the president. God help us if Biden is ever elected. He’s already said he’d issue an (un-Constitutional) nationwide lockdown as well as force masks on everybody.

Now he’s made a bogus claim no fact-checker can endorse.

Joe Biden indicated during a CNN town hall Thursday that President Trump is responsible for every single coronavirus death.

“If the president had done his job… had done his job from the beginning, all the people would still be alive,” Biden told the audience in Pennsylvania. “All the people — I’m not making this up. Just look at the data. Look at the data.”

His statement was also questioned by other mainstream news organizations. Politico said Biden “vastly overstated what protections could have worked against the virus.”

Meanwhile, The Washington Post exclaimed Biden “is making this up.” [Source: Fox News]

When Politico and The Washington Post have to correct Biden, you know he’s really off base!

Biden has frequently attacked Trump’s response to the pandemic, often saying Trump should have acted “sooner” or “done his job from the beginning.” Really, Joe? You were the one who called his actions at the start of the crisis—long before the Democrats cared—xenophobic. Remember, Joe? You criticized his closing of the border to China—something that even Fauci said saved lives.

But I doubt Joe remembers much of anything, these days. I’m sure as he blurted out this idiotic statement his staff were pulling out their hair. Biden also blundered recently when talking about COVID deaths, stumbling around saying, “COVID has taken this year, just since the outbreak, has taken more than 100 year – look, here’s … The lives, it’s just, it’s … I mean, think about it. More lives this year than any other year, for the past hundred years.”

That insane fumble was enough to make me say, definitively, the man has dementia. This CNN town hall only further cements that assumption.

President Trump is not directly responsible for a single COVID death. The vast, vast majority of deaths were due to comorbidities, because those folks had pre-existing conditions. Most Americans who caught the virus recovered, largely due in thanks to how the federal government scrambled resources and measures to aid state and local governments.

Very little of the mandated masks and lockdowns helped. In fact, data suggests that what Joe wants to do to everyone causes incredible harm to families, communities, and businesses.

Yet Biden keeps banging the drum of “Trump is responsible.” Not once has Biden criticized Democrats Andrew Cuomo or Gavin Newsom. Both California and New York suffered significantly more than any other state—thanks to their leaders’ terrible policy. New York was the worst—yet Biden is too petty and partisan to even ask why.

I guess you can’t expect honesty from a man desperate to become president.

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