Democrats immediately started scolding Donald Trump the moment Supreme Court Justice RBG died. President Trump, undeterred, said it was his duty to pick another Supreme Court nominee. Joe Biden, no doubt egged on by his campaign, gave a speech lecturing Trump on what to do. But, once again, the mentally frail man made a massive gaffe.

After Justice Scalia died in 2016, Democrats (including Joe Biden and Obama) demanded the Senate confirm a new justice immediately. But thanks to the fact that Obama was a lame duck, the majority Republican Senate refused to pick a new justice before the election. However, now that there is yet another opening on the court during an election year, suddenly Democrats want to wait until after the election!

Funny, they want Trump to have to wait a few months to make his pick in his second term.

The Internet has been boiling with Democrats outraged that Trump would do his Constitutional duty to pick a new justice. Joe Biden, probably forced in front of the cameras by his handlers, demanded that the vacancy stay open until January.

Something tells me he wasn’t ready to appear in public, as once again, he said something totally bizarre.

Joe Biden claimed on Sunday that, by the time he would be done speaking, 200 million Americans will have died from the coronavirus.

As Biden demanded inaction from the U.S. Senate on providing advice and consent on a potential Supreme Court nominee, he said, “It’s estimated 200 million people have died probably by the time I finish this talk.”

That would be roughly two-thirds of the country.

Several minutes later, he read from the teleprompter: “200,000.”

It’s not the first time Biden has had trouble with numbers this campaign.

In June, Biden claimed “over 120 million” have died from the virus before correcting himself, USA Today reported. [Source: Breitbart]

Really Joe? You can’t read 200,000 properly off a teleprompter? Didn’t 200 million sound a bit off to you?

Is the man even paying attention, anymore? Or is he just being a good boy and doing whatever his campaign tells him to?

You know, there is a very big difference between 200,000 and 200 million. The fact that Biden didn’t catch himself tells you something is very wrong with his comprehension skills.

But we should listen to him over his advice about handling the RBG vacancy!

We know why Democrats are freaking out, right now. They are panicking. Once again, Trump has the tremendous power to reshape the Supreme Court. He has already given it a slightly conservative majority. He just needed one more vacancy to make sure fair-weathered Roberts couldn’t throw off rulings. With a third appointment, conservatives will be defending the Constitution for decades to come.

That means Roe V Wade might be overturned sooner than anyone thought!

Democrats that want to delay the appointment actually believe Joe Biden is going to win! Trump could have easily waited, certain that he will defeat a man who is obviously suffering from dementia. But Democrats forced his hand with wild threats of war and “burning” down D.C.

Biden tried to put in his two cents, thinking it would sway public opinion. But the man can’t even read from a teleprompter properly. Why should we care what he thinks about the Supreme Court?

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