Following the lead of leagues like the NBA and MLB, the NFL embraced radical, far-left politics as they resumed their 2020 season. While the first week of games saw a boom of viewers, those viewers were subjected to social justice politics and racial hate. In the ensuing weeks, the league discovered just how much Americans hate being lectured to by rich athletes. Now, after this weeks’ games, ratings are almost rock bottom.

The COVID panic hit entertainment industries particularly hard. Oh, I’m not weeping for Hollywood, a corrupt business that thrives of immorality and greed deserves to die. But many Americans probably mourned the loss of their favorite sport, as governors shut down large gatherings to instill fear among Americans.

After months of nothing, the “triumphant” return of professional sports should have been something to unite all Americans. That should have been especially true of the NFL, that would have been able to play a roughly normal-length season.

But instead of finding ways to unite Americans, the super-rich elitists who run and make up most professional sports decided to lecture us instead. The NFL followed baseball and basketball’s lead to push social justice, pro-Black Lives Matter content before each game. Not only have players insulted the National Anthem and flag, but viewers who bothered to tune in were subjected to other forms of far-left propaganda.

Not a big surprise that fans are tuning out faster than ever.

NBC’s Sunday Night Football showcased two of the best franchises in the NFL over the last decade, despite that, the ratings crashed by nearly 20 percent.

“Pulling in 12.22 million viewers in the early metrics and 3.5 in the ratings between 7 -11 PM ET, last night’s big NFL game was down 17% in audience and 25% in the demo from the early numbers of last week’s SNF official season debut,” Deadline Hollywood reported. That hometown win on September 14, 2020 by the LA Rams over the Dallas Cowboys shifted up a bit to 18.94 million viewers and 6.2 ratings for the Comcast-owned network and the league in the final numbers.”

…Last week’s Sunday Night Football match-up between the Cowboys and the Rams, suffered a 28% drop in ratings. [Source: Breitbart]

Viewership for arguably the most popular sport in American should have exploded. After all, Americans that have suffered under unjust lockdowns and COVID panic should have been eager to watch their favorite teams face off in a new NFL season. Instead, the league saw a shocking drop in viewership this week.

What does it tell you about Americans’ patience for this toxic, hateful ideology called “social justice?” The NFL is rooting for a movement that has destroyed numerous major cities and put countless black lives at risk. But these rich, entitled athletes not only don’t get it, but they feel entitled to tell us that America is terrible—despite enjoying lifestyles few of us can dream of.

It seems that even diehard fans of the Seahawks and Patriots weren’t compelled to watch the game.

With stands empty, there seems to be a realization growing among viewers. Perhaps professional sports aren’t as important as we all once assumed? They can pipe in the noise of the crowd all they want, but when you get a glimpse of those empty chairs, it all starts to look so silly.

And many are starting to ask: why do we let these grown men who throw a ball around for money tell us what to believe about our country? Why should we tolerate them kneeling during our anthem, but standing for the “black” national anthem?

It’s no mystery why ratings are dropping—and will probably continue to drop. The real mystery is why the NFL is so stupid that they keep this charade up for so long.

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