With only weeks before the election, Donald Trump has revved up his campaign to new heights. Across the country, he has resumed his historic rallies, while Americans from all stripes show him support and excitement. Meanwhile, Joe Biden continues to hide—canceling events left and right. Now, President Trump is calling out this “no-show” candidate.

You know, it’s hard to argue that your candidate isn’t suffering from dementia, when he keeps disappearing! The election is only weeks away, yet Joe Biden hasn’t held a real event since before the pandemic.

They can blame COVID all they want, but there is another reason his campaign isn’t holding big rallies or events anywhere (even in deeply-blue states). It’s because they can’t trust that Biden will be able to hold it together for an entire live event.

Given his frequent gaffes, insulting remarks, and just plain bizarre actions, many think the man is suffering from some form of mental decline. Anyone who knows about terminal illnesses can tell you that those suffering have good days and bad days. If Joe is really sick, we can assume on his “good days” he appears on TV.

But on his bad days? They’d hide him away, right? That’s just what his campaign keeps doing. So, Trump called him out on it.

President Donald Trump mocked his rival former Vice President Joe Biden for hosting zero public events on Thursday.

“Sleepy Joe Biden just closed down his campaign for the day (Again),” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Wants to rest!”

The Biden campaign called a “lid” for reporters awaiting any activity from the campaign on Thursday, as the former Vice President is expected to focus on preparation for the debate.

Trump mocked Biden for his lack of energy on the campaign trail.

“He is a very LOW ENERGY INDIVIDUAL, and our Country cannot make it in these exciting, but complex and competitive times, with a Low Energy President!!!” he wrote. [Source: Breitbart]

This is the presidential election. It’s a pretty big deal. Yet Joe Biden is refusing to event appear before the press, let alone a crowd of his supporters.

What does that tell you about where the Democrats are? They can’t even trust their main candidate to not humiliate himself on camera. They might not even be able to pack a small venue with supporters, let alone an airfield (like Trump).

At this point in a typical campaign, you’d expect to see the candidate everywhere. They need to appear in every state they hope to win over. Candidates normally host big rallies, small meet-and-greets. They talk to various unions and other groups. And they try to connect with all ages.

Trump is certainly doing that as much as he can—despite lingering COVID fears. But Biden? He doesn’t even want to appear before a liberal press that bends over backward to prop him up.

What does that tell you about the man’s health? Are we really supposed to believe he’s 100% okay?

Campaigns thrive on seeing excited supporters come out in droves. Donald Trump has his patriotic fans crowd streets and venues.

The Democrats? All they got are angry anarchists burning down cities over “social justice.” With each brick they throw, they make another Trump voter.

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