President Trump signed a series of executive orders aimed at reforming the healthcare system; the measures include expanding choice, lowering prescription drug prices, protecting coverage for preexisting conditions and ending “surprise billing.” The president rolled out his “America First Healthcare Plan” as the administration hopes that the Supreme Court will rule the Affordable Care Act (ACA), a hallmark of the previous administration, unconstitutional.

Speaking from Charlotte, North Carolina, President Trump outlined the “three pillars” of his new healthcare plan:

The president’s order criticizes the ACA, pointing to the law’s failure to expand coverage and reduce the price of premiums, despite promises from the previous administration.

“In an attempt to justify the ACA, the previous Administration claimed that, absent action by the Congress, up to 129 million (later updated to 133 million) non-elderly people with what it described as pre-existing conditions were in danger of being denied health-insurance coverage…The average insurance premium in the individual market more than doubled from 2013 to 2017, and those who have not received generous Federal subsidies have struggled to maintain coverage. For those who have managed to maintain coverage, many have experienced a substantial rise in deductibles, limited choice of insurers, and limited provider networks that exclude their doctors and the facilities best suited to care for them.”

President Trump also revealed that his administration will send pre-loaded cards, valuing $200, to over 33 million Medicare recipients, in order to alleviate the price of prescriptions.

Author: Reagan McCarthy

Source: Town Hall: President Trump Rolls Out ‘America First’ Healthcare Plan Aimed at Protecting Preexisting Conditions

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