Even before Trump officially nominated Amy Coney Barrett to replace RBG, Democrats were attacking her. They had little reason to slander this respected judge, wife, and mother—so, they went after her deeply-held beliefs. Liberals slandered this Catholic for her faith—inciting backlash from millions of believers. Now, they risk alienating any religious voters they had left.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Democrats really are dumb. They’ve been doing everything in their power this year to turn away potential voters. If they’re not pushing un-Constitutional lockdowns or applauding violent riots, they are attacking the very values millions of Americans share.

That’s never been more true than in the area of faith. Once upon a time, most Democrats were of a deeply-held religious faith. But not anymore. The party has become a party of secularism and atheism. Their hallmark view: socialism, is inherently anti-God and anti-Church and they pursue policies that violate (and in many cases jeopardize) the religious faith of millions.

We saw that during the lockdowns. As Democrats allowed liquor stores and abortion clinics to continue to operate, they shut down churches. From New York to Chicago to California, Democrats arrested pastors, fined churchgoers, and even stormed churches with SWAT teams. Clearly, the left not only has little regard for the faithful, but they actively hate us.

Now, they are attacking Trump’s stellar Supreme Court pick over her religion. They don’t even realize that maliciously slandering a woman for her religious beliefs puts them on the side of Satan himself.

Even before President Trump selected Amy Coney Barrett on Saturday to fill the Supreme Court seat left vacant by Justice Ruth Ginsburg, the federal appeals court judge already received attacks against her deeply-held Christian beliefs. However, these anti-Catholic attacks could backfire against Democrats with religious voters during the November election…

Carrie Severino, president of the Judicial Crisis Network and a devout Catholic, told Just the News that anti-Christian attacks against Barrett could hurt Democrats by galvanizing voters who believe in religious freedom.

“I don’t think religious bigotry, is something the American people want to see,” Severino said. “And I think that the Democrats would be wrong to go down that route, and I think the American people will reject that.” [Source: Just The News]

Democrats have long ago lost the support of Evangelical Christians, but they always enjoyed a strong showing by Catholics. That is quickly eroding as Democrats turn on devout Catholics at every turn.

They have essentially said pro-life Democrats (who are mostly Catholic) don’t belong in their party. Now, they are attacking Barrett because she belongs toa nationwide Bible study called “People of Praise.” Because the women of the group call themselves “handmaids” in reference to Mary the mother of Christ, idiot liberals accuse them of being handmaids from the HBO show “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

That’s right. Liberals are so religiously illiterate that they don’t realize a word can have multiple uses.

But those that understand Barrett is not a “handmaid” like the women from a secular show, they still want to spread the idea—because they think we are that stupid.

What it amounts to is an entire party attacking a qualified and respected judge because she loves God and has a devout faith in Jesus Christ. Um… you really want to go down that road Democrats?

Do they not remember that this country was founded by people who had a devout faith in the Bible and Jesus Christ? Not every patriotic American is religious, but to attack someone over their faith—how low can Democrats get?

The sad reality is, we haven’t seen how far down they are willing to get—to claw back power in the government. They are really doing this to Barrett because they know she opposes their golden calf—abortion. If she is appointed to SCOTUS, she might overturn it.

So, they attack a woman of faith over their gravy train. Can you get more evil than that?

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