The mainstream media was quick to dissect last night’s debate, putting all their attention on what Trump did or did not say. But, as expected, Joe Biden revealed that he was not alone on that debate stage. During many moments, he either ignored the questions, gave odd non-answers, or just lacked the energy to spar with the president. Here are some of the most telling moments of the night’s debate.

Whether you watched the debate or not, you’re probably going to hear a lot about it. Some online, including supposed Trump supporters, are calling the debate a “mess.” They obviously know nothing about a street fight. This debate was not a civilized discourse between two equally-minded candidates. It was a war, between a man fighting for this country and the corrupt, power-hungry establishment that wants to remove him from power.

And in a street fight, you’re not after a nice “clean” debate. You want your fighter to throw the hardest punches.

Walkaway founder Brandon Straka perhaps put it best this way:

Trump came to fight and that is just what he did. Biden, on the other hand… we’re not sure what he came to do. But it’s clear that Biden did not meet the expectations of his party. There were plenty of times the man simply refused to answer the questions offered to him. Then there were times he appeared to be answering something entirely different—perhaps sparking more suspicions that he was using an earpiece.

Here are some of the most telling moments.

Chris Wallace asked Joe Biden about his intentions to make good on several recent threats made by the Democrats. Those include ending the filibuster—which would prevent the minority party from having a say in legislation—and packing the Supreme Court.

Biden’s answer made no sense.

Joe Biden refused to answer a question on whether or not he would pack the Supreme Court. “Whatever position I take on that, that will become the issue,” Biden said. [Source: Twitter]

When asked, Biden oddly said, “Whatever position I take on that…” Um, Joe? You’re supposed to tell us your position—that’s the point of a debate! Instead, the man rambled on, telling Americans to “vote.” Yeah, we got that part covered, Biden. But you still haven’t answered a simple question from the moderator.

It really seemed like he was reciting something being fed to him, doesn’t it?

Again, when asked a simple question, it seems Biden couldn’t get his facts straight—about his own policy plans. When the issue of the Green New Deal came up, he flat-out said, it was “not my plan.” It seems Joe was trying to distance himself from all the far-left ideas that he has been embracing over the last six months.

So, is Joe rejecting the Green New Deal? That’s hard to believe, considering his own campaign website endorses it.

One odd moment came when the moderator mentioned the unrest in Democrat cities. To his credit, Wallace did not shy away from calling them what they were: riots. When asked why Joe Biden hasn’t openly called for an end to the violence—by calling on his own party members in the states to do so—he had this unacceptable response.

Joe Biden has not called a single elected Democrat leader to urge them to restore law and order and public safety to their streets. When asked why, Biden responded weakly: “I don’t hold public office.” [Source: Twitter]

When pressed for an answer as to why Biden hasn’t personally urged Democrat mayors and governors to end the violence, Joe said, “I don’t hold public office.”

Um… really, Joe? Biden was a senator for many years. He was the VICE PRESIDENT of the United States. Yet when millions of Americans are suffering thanks to riots and violence, he can’t pick up the phone? All this was happening when he was the Democratic candidate for president. Why didn’t he get in front of the camera and urge the mayor of Portland or New York or Chicago to actually do something?

You don’t have to hold public office to tell people to do the right thing? Or does Biden just not care?

From all accounts, Joe Biden did not have a good night. The president battled the odds to show the American people he is a warrior who will continue to fight for us. Biden… is just weak.

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