From the moment Trump promised to replace Ginsburg’s seat before the election, Democrats had a meltdown. Some made wild threats. Others promised to “pack” the court or find various ways to delay the confirmation process. But the GOP is firmly behind Trump’s nominee. In fact, if Dems try to interfere, Republicans made this promise.

The only reason Democrats are fuming so much about the court pick is because they have no say in it. The Constitutional requires only the Senate to confirm Trump’s picks. And, with a Republican majority (and no filibuster rule), they can move ahead and get Amy Coney Barrett onto the court in record time.

Everything the Democrats are saying about Trump’s nominee is a smokescreen. Nobody in their right mind would deny a respected judge, wife, and mother of seven a seat on the court. In fact, so-called feminists on the left should love Barrett because of her accomplishments. Instead, they try to attack her over her family and religion, simply because of her conservative record.

Democrats have promised all sorts of nonsense to stop the confirmation. Some even threatened to impeach Trump again. Over what? Doing his Constitutional duty? Others made even more ridiculous threats about shoving more justices onto the court or adding more senators. All desperate and pathetic stabs by a party rapidly losing ground.

Meanwhile, Republicans have suddenly found their backbones, thanks to Trump. And if Democrats try the same games they’ve used before, they are going to regret it.

If Democrats follow through on plans to delay hearings on the Supreme Court nomination using procedural tactics, Republicans say they’ll simply push through more federal judges, leaving Dems with the choice of confirming Amy Coney Barrett to the nation’s highest court or fighting dozens of lower-level nominations.

POLITICO reports that while Democrats “cannot stop Barrett’s nomination,” they can use a number of procedural tactics to limit Senate Judiciary Committee hearings to two hours or less, leaving the GOP scrambling to complete the nomination process ahead of the November presidential elections…

“We’re prepared for that if they decide they want to use motions to adjourn or try and use the tools at their disposal to keep us here, that’s fine,” Sen. Jon Thune (R-ND) told media Tuesday. “But that keeps them here too and what that means is we’ll do more judges and more executive nominations that those guys don’t like.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Democrats have destroyed any credibility over judge appointments after what they did to Brett Kavanaugh. They have shown America they’ll stop at nothing to ruin a person’s life, because Democrats don’t like them. Much like Kavanaugh’s confirmation, the left has no way to stop Barrett from becoming a justice. But they might try a few dirty tricks to drag out the process.

Republicans have a brilliant solution: get even more Trump-appointed judges onto the courts. Trump has already broken records for the number of federal judges he’s placed onto courts across America. He has transformed our judicial branch, by putting more conservative judges in place than Obama did liberal ones.

Trump has already transformed the once super liberal Nine Circuit Court in San Francisco. Imagine how the courts will look if Republicans add to the hundreds of judges Trump’s already placed?

It’s a lose-lose scenario for Democrats. But that was always going to happen. The reason Republicans are in this position is because over the years, Americans have been evicting Democrats from office. We have gotten sick and tired of all the empty promises, left-wing policies, and endless corruption.

Even when Democrats had a chance to work with Republicans, they refused. So, I’m not too sad to see the GOP steamroll them this time around.

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