Fox News’ John Roberts became angry after fighting with White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany over President Donald Trump condemning white supremacy.

Roberts asked McEnany during Thursday’s press briefing “for a definitive and declarative statement without ambiguity or deflection” on whether Trump denounces white supremacy. McEnany responded by noting multiple interviews where Trump has denounced white supremacy.

Roberts asked again for “a declarative statement” and shaking his head as McEnany responded.

“You read me past quotes, can you do it currently,” Roberts said after repeatedly asking about white supremacy.

“His [Trump’s] record on this is unmistakable, and it’s shameful that the media refuses to cover it,” McEnany replied at the end of the argument.

Following the press briefing, Roberts melted down on camera, calling out “all of you on Twitter who are hammering me for asking the question.”

“I don’t care,” Roberts said. “Because it’s a question that needs to be asked, and clearly the president’s Republican colleagues a mile away from here are looking for an answer for it too. So stop deflecting. Stop blaming the media. I’m tired of it.”


The commentator responding to Roberts appeared unclear of what to do in the situation, ultimately settling on saying “alright.”

Shortly after Roberts’ comments, McEnany tagged him in a tweet and said she “would refer you to your wife’s reporting from 21 hours ago.” She included a tweet from ABC correspondent Kyra Phillips, whom Roberts is married too. Phillips reported Wednesday that Trump had just told her that “he DENOUNCES white supremacists.”

Author: Shelby Talcott

Source: Daily Caller: John Roberts Repeatedly Asked McEnany About Condemning White Supremacy, Calls Out People Defending Trump

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