It didn’t take long for the leftist media to proclaim who won last night’s VP debate. Of course, they couldn’t point to the actual performance of the candidates because, frankly, Mike Pence humiliated Kamala Harris. So, they just played the gender card so much it became a joke. But real Americans were quick to weigh in online—and nobody was impressed by smug, clueless Kamala.

You have to wonder what Biden’s campaign was thinking when they picked Kamala Harris as his running mate. The senator has the most left-wing voting record, even when compared to Bernie Sanders (not good for “moderate” Joe Biden). On top of that, she only got 2% support when she ran for president (she couldn’t even break 7% in her own state!). But we all know the real reason he picked her.

And that was the same reason the media tried so hard to protect her last night. Harris had nothing, and I mean nothing, good to say during the debate. She had no clear plans for the country, not even a good defense of her running mate, Joe Biden. Harris was forced to go up against a proven leader like Mike Pence. The contrast between the two was so clear, it was painful.

But, as if on cue, the media spun it to prop up the pathetic Democrat. Their only line was how she was a woman and—because of, you know, gender stuff—did her best against a “mean old” man. Apparently, leftists think women are just as strong, capable, powerful, and smart as men—until it’s convenient to say otherwise. They played the gender card so frequently it became a parody of itself.

Real Americans, on the other hand, weren’t fooled by that line. They watched as Pence called out Harris on her constant lies and doubletalk. And in the end, they made it clear who won the night.

Plenty of viewers noticed the smug, condescending attitude this lightweight from California showed to the vice president—a man who successfully led an entire state and oversaw a task force during one of the country’s darkest hours. Harris was completely out of her depth debating Mike Pence. She had no business on that stage, really. That’s why the left kept playing the gender card. But their talk fell flat:

It’s clear that the only strategy Kamala and her allies in the media had was to play the gender card. The left has become so dependent on identity politics they have become completely lazy. We are watching them get stupider and stupider before our eyes. Harris lied again and again and did not expect anyone (certainly not the moderator) to call her on it.

When Mike Pence did call her on her many wrong statements, she refused to cop to it. Again, she was hoping the moderator and the media pundits commenting on their respective networks, would her bail her out. But Americans were not fooled. Last night, they saw (once again) how utterly unequipped Harris is to lead on any level. Plenty are probably thinking, “How did this person even become a senator”?

And of course, President Trump weighed in, succinctly summing up the night:

Don’t believe any of the spin you’ll read today. Mike Pence proved he is intelligent, articulate, and a proven leader. Harris proved she is not qualified to deliver newspapers, let alone help run the country.

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