Much conflict and confusion have arisen over the originally planned October 15 second presidential debate. President Trump backed out after the commission changed it to a “virtual” format. Then, discussion arose over moving it back a week. Now, people are demanding a new moderator, when the known Democrat tweeted to a Trump enemy.

You probably know by now of the bogus change the debate commission made at the last second. They changed the crucial town hall debate into a “virtual” event—which would require the candidates to appear at their homes via streaming. Clearly, this was a stunt to protect Joe Biden, who would easily rely on a teleprompter to get through the night.

It would also give the biased moderator a chance to simply cut off Trump’s feed without even telling him. Trump’s campaign was unwilling to attend such a crooked event, so they are backing out. Later, they said they were willing to hold an in-person debate, if it was pushed back to October 22.

As discussion and argument continue over the format of the second debate, a new controversy arises. We all knew that Steve Scully, C-SPAN host and journalist, had a baked-in liberal bias. The man interned under Ted Kennedy while at school and another Democrat… which one was it? Oh, right: JOE BIDEN.

You might be wondering how a man who has worked for one of the candidates can be biased. That’s a very good question. And it only reveals how the Commission for Presidential Debates has an inherent left-wing bias. In the last few elections, when have we ever seen conservative moderators? Chris Wallace is a registered Democrat. The moderator for the VP debates was as well.

But now things get even more unusual, as Scully tweets to a known Trump hater.

Presidential debate moderator Steve Scully raised eyebrows on Thursday night with a tweet that is having critics question his objectivity ahead of the second matchup between President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.

Scully, who is best known as the political editor of C-SPAN and host of “Washington Journal,” sent a cryptic message that caused quite a stir on social media.

“@Scaramucci should I respond to trump,” according to a tweet from his account.

That message appeared to be directed at former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci, who was once a supporter of President Trump but has since joined the #Resistance and has been outspoken in favor of Biden’s candidacy. [Source: Fox News]

Numerous pundits and reports responded to this odd tweet, questioning how an “impartial” moderator can be communicating with a known anti-Trumper. Asking for his advice, even, is outrageous.

Some are already calling for a new moderator, one without such a history of bias.

Chances are, the commission won’t do a thing about this. They think we are used to this unlevel playing field where liberals have an overwhelming advantage. We see it in the media, politics, entertainment, and nearly every other sector of society. They bend over backward to protect their own, while ignoring anyone right of center.

Why is Scully even tweeting to disgraced former Trump staffer Scaramucci? Did he mean this to be a DM? Was this some kind of joke? Or is Scully so brazen, so confident that he can do anything without consequence, that he’d openly conspire with a Trump hater?

I’m leaning toward the third option. Democrats are unashamed about their mob rule. They don’t respect anyone that disagrees with them, so they constantly change the rules to give them an upper hand. Scully knows the second debate has been rigged to help ailing Joe Biden. What does it matter that he’s openly conspiring with another biased figure?

Perhaps major changes need to take place within the CPB, before we can take these things seriously again.

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