From the very start of the presidential election, Joe Biden has appeared weak and uninterested. The man struggled through the primaries, getting an upper hand almost by accident. He’s hidden in his basement for most of the year, refusing to even meet with voters. And, on top of all that, he consistently tells voters not to pick him. It makes us wonder, why is he even running.

Early voting has started in many states. There are only are a few weeks left until Election Day. Yet even now, we have to wonder what Joe Biden is thinking. And no, I’m not just talking about the mountain of evidence that suggests he’s suffering from dementia. From the very start of his campaign, Joe’s appeared tired, bored, uninterested, and passionless.

It’s as if he doesn’t even want to be running for president.

Almost from the very start, he was telling people not to vote for him. In one instance in Iowa, a local reporter asked him why residents should vote for him. He snapped at her and told voters they shouldn’t vote for him. In fact, all throughout the primaries, Joe didn’t seem all that interested in getting people to support him. He was trailing many other candidates until he got a bump in South Carolina. The only reason he’s the nominee now, was because the party got a bunch of other people to drop out.

Time and again, Biden’s temper and irritation have come through. It seems as if he doesn’t like being questioned or challenged over what he says or does. That’s a big problem since he often says things that are far from the truth. Whenever he gets called out for one of his many false statements, he snaps, telling people just not to vote for him.

That happens far more often than you realize.

For at least the sixth time, Joe Biden argued during a television interview on Monday that Americans should not vote for him…

When Biden appeared on MSNBC to answer for the sexual assault allegations made by Tara Reade and was asked about how voters should interpret the news, he said, “If they believe Tara Reade, they probably shouldn’t vote for me…”

In another instance, Biden told a voter, “You’ve got the right candidate in Bernie [Sanders].”

“No, no, no,” Biden said as the man made his point. Biden finally had enough and declared, “Go vote for somebody else.” [Source: Breitbart]

Why does Biden do this all the time? Does he really want people not to vote for him? Or is he just a D.C. insider, such an elitist, that he is shocked to see people ever question him? When confronted by that, he just loses his cool and insults the person.

I think that’s the real reason. Biden has been a D.C. elitist for nearly 50 YEARS. He’s used to being treated “better” than everyone else. When asked a question he doesn’t like, instead of answering it respectfully, he just dismisses the person as if they are not worth his time.

Biden thinks he deserves the presidency because he says so. Anyone that doesn’t think that way, can just shove off. Come on, man! Why do something as stupid as ask Biden about his shady dealings, mountains of corruption, or sexual assault?

He’s a Democrat! That means he can get away with anything! That means he doesn’t have to tell you his stance on big issues like court-packing. That means if you have the gall to ask him anything, you can just vote for him.

Does he care? Of course not. You don’t matter. Your opinions don’t matter. He’ll get enough stupid clowns to vote for him anyway.

Does a man like that deserve to be in public office?

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