Last week, a bombshell worthy of October came out about Joe Biden and his son Hunter. Newly revealed emails show that Biden lied about not knowing about his son’s job. Emails show that Joe met with his son’s Ukraine boss while vice president. Media outlets on the left have refused to report on the story. But a few reporters did try to question Joe about the revelations. The Democratic candidate did his usual temper tantrum act and marched out.

Emails. Boy, do the Democrats hate those pesky emails. It seems these “progressive” leaders don’t really understand technology. Otherwise, they would do a better job of hiding incriminating documents from being leaked on the least-secure communication system in the world.

We all remember how emails were the downfall of Hillary Clinton. She was investigated by the FBI for an illegal private email server. Leaked emails from her campaign revealed her many secret opinions about policy. And when Anthony Weiner’s laptop was acquired by the FBI, they reopened her case just days before the election.

Now, another laptop is putting Joe Biden into hot water. He’s sworn for years he had nothing to do with his son’s Ukrainian business dealings. Biden even said he never spoke to his own son about what he was doing for work. But new emails reveal the CEO of that business spoke with Joe Biden while vice president, in a meeting arranged by Hunter himself.

That not only proves Biden lied repeatedly, but that he might have been doing the bidding of a foreign business while vice president.

Obviously, Joe Biden doesn’t like to be called out for his history of dishonest comments and poor leadership. In the past, when reporters asked him tough questions, Joe got angry and refused to answer. Now, he is repeating that trend—and refusing to even make appearances.

Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden ran from a question on Sunday about the FBI, which comes after he snapped at a reporter late last week for asking him about the growing scandal involving a laptop that may have belonged to his son, Hunter…

“And [Democrats] worry that if they can’t keep their base motivated, if they can’t keep convincing people to show up, whether it’s early or on the day of, they’re going to be in trouble. This week is mostly about debate prep,” O’Keefe said. “He will not be seen again after today until Thursday night in Nashville at that next debate. So, they are going to keep him focused on that. That’s a signal that they believe this is still a very big opportunity for them to provide one last big contrast with the President, and that they have to prepare him for potential attacks from the President.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Democrats are circling the wagons. They know Biden can’t honestly answer questions about the Hunter emails. So, they are keeping him (once again) hidden until the debate. They obviously expect the debate moderator not to ask him about Hunter—but don’t expect Trump to ignore it.

Isn’t it funny how Democrats think they can just hide from the truth? Biden was a terrible candidate from the start. Now, the dirty laundry is coming out for all to see. Instead of owning up to it, his campaign thinks they can just sweep it under the rug.

But Americans aren’t stupid. We saw the emails. We know that Biden has been lying for years. And we suspect he’s been up to much worse. Already an investigation in the Senate is underway. The DOJ might not be far behind.

Perhaps Joe should just come clean now and save himself a load of trouble.

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