President Trump jabbed at Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s son by comparing contents allegedly found on the latter’s laptop to sexually explicit images sent by a former disgraced New York congressman.

At a campaign rally in Prescott, Arizona, on Monday, Trump said the emails and photos linked to Hunter Biden, purportedly shedding light on his foreign business dealings and personal struggle with drugs, were “almost as good” as a controversy that embroiled former New York Rep. Anthony Weiner, his wife Huma Abedin, and the person to whom she was a longtime aide, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“If you read this laptop, I tell you what, this is called the laptop from hell,” Trump said. “The only laptop that was almost as good, maybe worse, was the laptop of Anthony Weiner. You remember that? Ding, ding ding.”

The FBI seized Weiner’s laptop as part of an investigation into claims that he was sexting with a high school student, and investigators found emails that were relevant to a separate investigation into Clinton’s use of an unauthorized private server, prompting the bureau to reopen the inquiry in October just weeks before the 2016 election. Although the FBI closed the investigation days before the contest, again declining to recommend charges against Clinton, the failed 2016 presidential candidate has long blamed the controversy, which has been dubbed an “October surprise,” as one reason for her loss to Trump.

First reported in part by the New York Post last week ahead of two simulcast town halls on opposing networks, the trove of Hunter Biden emails showed communications that critics say raise concerns about possible corruption and national security issues for him and his father. The elder Biden has decried these reports as being part of a “smear campaign,” but neither his son nor his campaign have denied the authenticity of the data. The hardware also included a number of unflattering pictures, including one which showed what appeared to be a crack pipe dangling from his lips while he was asleep in bed.

Media reports have focused on revelations that have come from the contents of a laptop and hard drive that purportedly belonged to Hunter Biden. They were left at a repair shop in Delaware last year, but the owner said they were never picked up. A copy of the hard drive was provided to the FBI and to Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who later provided a copy to the New York Post.

By Monday evening, Weiner was trending on Twitter, although not just because of Trump’s speech. Some amused Twitter users were quick to note the comment came on the same day New Yorker writer and CNN political analyst Jeffrey Toobin was suspended after he accidentally broadcast himself masturbating during a Zoom call with colleagues.

“I believed I was not visible on Zoom,” Toobin said afterward. “I thought no one on the Zoom call could see me. I thought I had muted the Zoom video.”

At the rally, Trump also referred to C-SPAN politics editor Steve Scully, who was slated to moderate the second 2020 presidential debate that got canceled but then got suspended for lying about his Twitter account being hacked.

“He got hacked too, just like Scully said he got hacked,” he said.

Author: Spencer Neale

Source: Washington Examiner: ‘Laptop from hell’: Trump compares Hunter Biden story to Anthony Weiner ‘October surprise’ of 2016

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