The left’s plan to “steal” the election with mail-in ballots is imploding before our eyes. Only now are they realizing how this scheme is going to fail big time. But they spent months terrifying their voters, urging them the only safe way to vote is through the failed post office. Now, Michigan’s secretary of state is begging people to not mail in their ballots.

Funny how the whole mail-in argument on the left flipped, seemingly overnight? Democrats were hoping to use mail-in ballots as a way to sway tight races in the 2020 election. Using a scheme called “ballot harvesting,” they’d wait until after election day to gather up enough ballots to give Biden a win. Of course, this is illegal in many states, but they hoped pushing mail-in voting would get them around the pesky law.

But major court cases robbed them of this scheme, as judges ruled ballots had to be in on Election Day or a few days later (not weeks) to be counted. The left’s attempt at swaying elections with late-entry ballots was shattered, especially in key states. The problem? They have been telling liberal voters that it is too dangerous to vote in person!

Millions of Democrats will be voting by mail—and their ballots might be lost or destroyed thanks to the incompetence of the post office.

A group of Hollywood celebrities recently begged Americans to vote early and in person, contradicting what the left has said for months. Now, the secretary of state of Michigan is telling absentee voters not to put their ballots in the mail.

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said Tuesday that voters with absentee ballots should submit them via a drop box or turn them in at a local clerk’s office rather than submitting them through the mail.

The Associated Press reported that the state official noted that dropping off a ballot by hand will make certain that the vote arrives by 8 p.m. on the day of the election and gets counted.

Benson also reportedly said that those who still wish to ask for an absentee ballot should seek it from the clerk in-person rather than trying to obtain it via mail.

“We want to ensure that every valid vote counts and is received on time,” Benson said to reporters, according to the wire service. [Source: Just the News]

Oh really? Just a few weeks ago, Democrats were crowing about how the election wouldn’t be decided for “weeks or months” because of late-arriving ballots. But now, in a deeply-contested state, the SoS is urging absentee voters to physically drop off their ballots. Quite the about-face if you ask me.

That’s because the state won’t be able to count votes that come in after Election Day. Democrats won’t be able to “game” the election days after knowing how many votes Trump and Biden received. They are going to have to do things the fair and legal way, i.e.: letting voters decide for themselves.

But many Democrats are still scared of voting in person. They will opt to send in their ballots, which might get lost in the mail. Others might not get around to voting early, considering the massive enthusiasm gap on the left.

Which leaves Democrats in more than just a spot of trouble. They are looking at a massive election deficient in key states across American. They tried to scheme to rob Americans of their democracy, only to have it (once again) blow up in their faces.

Can’t say I feel sorry for them.

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