The media has been scrambling for weeks ever since the bombshell story of Hunter’s emails hit the world. Evidence suggests that both Hunter and his father were colluding with foreign entities to enrich themselves, all the while Joe Biden was vice president. Biden and the left have tried to discredit the revelations. But a top Republican congressman just spoiled their day.

Once again, a top Democratic candidate has been foiled by emails. It’s almost eerie to think how similar this is to 2016. Hillary Clinton was accused of wrongdoing, but got off thanks to a corrupt FBI head. But right before the election, a laptop was discovered with emails that forced the agency to reopen the case.

Today, Biden has been running from allegations that he was comprised as vice president because of his son’s business contacts. But there was little evidence to prove it. But just before the election, a laptop was discovered containing emails that suggest Biden was actually working with his son to cash in.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what was on that laptop. If the DOJ bothers to investigate this bombshell, Hunter Biden might go away for a long time. And his daddy won’t be far behind.

Democrats and their hounds in the media have claimed all sorts of things about this laptop. Adam Schiff claimed (with zero evidence) that it was Russian disinformation. Some news outlets (like NPR) said they wouldn’t even talk about it—they must have been really scared.

But now a top Republican is blowing the lid off this case, saying the emails are as “real as real can get.”

Emails from Hunter Biden’s alleged laptop detailing his business dealings with foreign entities and other matters are authentic, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) said earlier this week…

“Maria, they’re as real as real can be. We have the eye-witness [Tony Bobulinski] who said these are authentic, these are real. The ‘big guy’ in one of these emails does in fact mean Joe Biden, and he himself had spoke to former Vice President Biden. So, this is as real as it gets,” Jordan said. “And here’s the fundamental question: why won’t Joe Biden say they’re not real? If they’re not accurate, if these aren’t accurate emails, why won’t the Biden’s say so?” [Source: Daily Wire]

We’ve seen from notable sources confirmation of this laptop and the emails it continues. Heck, there were pictures of Hunter and Joe on the laptop—where did those come from? Director of National Intelligence confirmed it wasn’t Russian disinformation. The FBI also confirmed that. Then, a former business partner of Hunter’s, Tony Bobulinski, apparently provided documents that proved the accuracy of the emails.

Now Jordan is also confirming that everything we’ve hearing is real. He also points out the glaring fact that neither Biden nor his campaign has clearly stated that the emails are fake. Now, why wouldn’t they do that? They might fear that if they come out strongly denying the emails—and they’re proven real by the feds or others—they’re caught in an obvious lie.

They are counting on the media to bury the story, so Joe doesn’t have to cop to the truth. Much like Hillary did when she refused to talk about her illegal email server, pay-for-play deals at the State Department, and ailing health.

Now Joe Biden is trying to hide from his son’s shady laptop, accusations of payouts as vice president, and his ailing health.

How, history does really repeat itself, doesn’t it?

Much like the situation with his health, Biden and the Democrats are ignoring the reality of these emails. They hope that Americans will be too stupid to see the writing and the wall and blindly vote for a man accused of a mountain of corruption. A man promising to undo the prosperity of the Trump administration and drag us back into the Obama dark age (and worse).

But something tells me this will all blow up in Joe’s face.

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