President Trump marked his 2016 campaign on a major promise: to build a wall across the U.S.-Mexico border. For years, Democrats did everything in their power to stop this from becoming a reality. They even sparked a migrant crisis to delay the work. But now, with just days before the election, Trump’s signature promise has reached a big milestone.

You don’t hear a lot about the wall these days, do you? That’s for several reasons. First, the Democrats have all but given up on stopping it. For the first few years of the Trump administration, Democrats appeared obsessed with blocking him from putting up his wall. They blocked funding, obstructed progress, and were behind a massive migrant crisis to interrupt it.

Democrats were outraged that Trump not only wanted to build a wall, but actually intended on doing it. Politicians aren’t supposed to fulfill their campaign promises, after all. Democrats haven’t done that for years! But immediately after entering office, Trump started the process of constructing the border fencing system that would undermine the left’s most cherished scheme: letting in illegals they could exploit for power.

The other reason we don’t hear about the wall, these days, is that Democrats aren’t willing to admit defeat. For several years now, work on the wall has progressed. Liberals are powerless to stop the progress, especially since they are too busying burning down their own cities. They don’t want you to know, right before you cast your vote, the Trump continues to secure our southern border.

Now, the border wall reached a major milestone the left certainly doesn’t want you to know about.

The acting chief of the Department of Homeland Security will tout the construction of 400 miles of the border wall Thursday…

After Trump’s slow start in 2017 and 2018, he declared a national emergency in early 2019 and pressed his deputies to get as much border wall built as possible.

Officials began getting Pentagon money and promised to build 450 miles by November’s election day, despite continued resistance from pro-migration groups.

The wall is now growing around 10 miles per week, and Morgan is regularly tweeting videos of construction progress. [Source: Breitbart]

Four hundred miles of the much-maligned border wall has been erected. As it has been discussed in the past, this “wall” is more of an advanced fencing system. In some parts, there are two fences, with a gap between the two which provides space for Border Patrol to, well, patrol. Along with that, there is a surveillance technology that aids in protecting the border.

Thanks to Trump, construction has seen incredible progress. They are constructing 10 miles of border wall a week—a radically fast rate for any government project, ever. That’s what happens when you have a leader in the White House who means what he says.

This is why the mainstream media is ignoring this story. Long ago, they tried to make a big deal about Trump “failing” to build the wall, when the wall was in its early stages. But now that the thing is going up at a record pace, suddenly the media is too concerned with other things—like Joe Biden’s pathetic rallies.

But the message is clear, Trump’s border wall is going up and it’s going to get finished. Despite constant obstruction and delays from Democrats, he is fulfilling his promise to secure the border and protect Americans.

Time and again, Trump’s policies put Americans first and make it harder for corrupt politicians to get rich. These are the real reasons the media, Democrats, Hollywood, big tech, and the rest hate him so much. They know that his administration is preventing the swamp from thriving. And the more he wins for us, the more these criminals lose.

All I can say is, I can’t wait for his second term.

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