At a recent Trump rally, three nuns were seen cheering on the president and his re-election bid. Democrats were so shocked and outraged that attempts were made to dox these ladies, exposing them to harm. Their identities were eventually discovered. But if you think these nuns were about to back down, you have another thing coming.

During a rally in Circleville, OH, three nuns were seen standing behind Trump in the front row, wearing face masks with MAGA on them. Two of them were clutching their rosaries while the other held up a large Bible.

It’s not a surprise to see Christians supporting Donald Trump, but Catholics!? Ever since JFK, it has been expected of Catholics to blindly vote for Democrats. Like so many other demographics, Democrats took for granted this large, influential group. They expected Catholics, like black and union voters, to just punch their ticket for whoever was on the ballot with a “D” at the end of their name.

But much has changed since the days when JFK was president. Although Joe Biden claims to be a devout Catholic, his policies do not resemble his faith one bit. In fact, the entire party is departing from perhaps the most important issue to many voting Catholics. Recent events have shown that, because of this issue, there is no longer a place for many Democrats in the party.

So, we shouldn’t be shocked that these ladies supported Trump. And we also shouldn’t be shocked to learn that people in the media tried to dox them, exposing their identities to the public. But these women refused to back down, even in the face of persecution.

The three purple-clad nuns who made headlines for appearing in MAGA masks behind President Donald Trump during his Saturday rally in Circleville, Ohio, maintained that they have a duty to support any president who opposes abortion.

“There are indeed many issues concerning the quality of life that need to be addressed. However, the preeminent issue is the intrinsic evil of taking innocent human life through abortion,” the Children of Mary said in a statement to the Washington Examiner. “We, as faithful Catholics, consider it our duty, a joyful duty, to support a president, irregardless of party affiliation, who upholds the Gospel of Life.” [Source: Daily Wire]

These nuns chose to support Trump because of his staunch policy on abortion. Joe Biden, who claims to be “pro-life” personally has called for expanding abortion rights in the country. He even said that he’d make Roe v. Wade the “law of the land,” should the Supreme Court overturn it. The Democratic Party has essential told pro-life Democrats they no longer belonged.

Should they be surprised to see them flock to Trump’s banner?

Democrats when from accepting abortion as a necessary evil to “shouting” their abortions as something to be celebrated. There is no longer any middle ground in the party when it comes to this issue. They want to increase the number of abortions performed in this country—and they want you to pay for it.

The fact that some in the media tried to shame and endanger three nuns just for supporting Trump shows you just how bankrupt that party has become. They can’t stand the fact that these women of faith would abandon their corrupt party to support a man like Trump—who means what he says and puts American values first.

These ladies embrace the Gospel of Life—something that all Christians claim to do. But when you are asked to vote for a man who wants to spread death—and death to the unborn—what other choice can you make?

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