How long can the media ignore this story? They’re trying to suffocate it with a pillow a la One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. It’s a story. Sorry, you may not like it. I know you hate the timing, liberal media, but Joe Biden, his son Hunter, and his brother Jim might all be dirty. The Biden camp has yet to refute the scores of emails from Hunter Biden that weave a sordid and wide-reaching web of corruption. You already know about Hunter’s Burisma gig in Ukraine, where he was getting $50k/month to reportedly sell access to top Obama officials. This arrangement was made back in 2014-15, around the time daddy Biden, the VP, was helming our policy efforts there. Joe fired the prosecutor looking into Burisma for corruption by threatening to ax aid to the country. Emails show Burisma executives expected legal protection with Hunter’s position. They got it. Joe Biden went rogue to protect his son.

With the China deal, which looks like another corrupt venture, that arrangement has been further fleshed out by whistleblower Tony Bobulinski, who gave the FBI all records and devices related to these alleged shady deals with CEFC China Energy, which has ties to the government. This deal was first hashed out when Joe was VP, the deal sought to give Joe, identified as “big guy” in these emails, a 10 percent equity stake, and Bobulinski straight-up has said that a) the Bidens are compromised, b) Joe knew full well what his son was doing. He was in on it. Hell, Hunter called his dad the “chairman.” The deal collapsed in 2017, but not after the Chinese firm doled out a $5 million personal loan to the Bidens. And now, we have confirmation from Department of Justice officials that Hunter Biden has been under federal investigation for money laundering since 2019.

The Biden doctrine is to get paid first, even from those whose interests are against that of the United States, and ask questions later if they ask at all. Joe didn’t know about this. Joe didn’t know about his son’s business ventures that have led to this money-laundering investigation. Yet, another avenue of questions for Joe which he’ll avoid as he hides in his basement. With all of this, including Bobulinski’s interview with the FBI, it’s now impossible to see Joe as an “I know nothing” character in all of this. I mean, you all knew that, but for the rest of the zombie media—Joe doesn’t look so innocent now, least of all Hunter. Joe looks dirty. The Bidens look dirty, but they’re just like you and me, right? Good ole’ Scranton Joe working hard for the working man, while selling himself out to China who was really put a hurting on America’s working class for the past quarter-century.

It’s time to answer some questions about this, dirty Joe.

Author: Matt Vespa

Source: Town Hall: Confirmed: Hunter Biden Has Been Under Federal Investigation for Money Laundering Since 2019

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