This Is Peak 2020!

A fake Kamala Harris Body Double Got Loomered today at a Palm Beach polling place!

On Sunday afternoon Laura Loomer was campaigning in Palm Beach, Florida, President Donald Trump’s home district. Laura was greeting voters at the Lantana Branch Library in Palm Beach.

Laura Loomer is currently in a tight race against Democrat Louis Frankel and LAURA IS LEADING IN THE POLLS!

** You can donate to Laura Loomer for Congress Here.

On Sunday a stretch limo pulled up and a Kamala Harris look-alike jumped out to take photos and fool voters at a voting site with a lot of Black and Hispanic voters.
Kamala Harris was in the state on Saturday. The Biden Campaign said they would be campaigning in Florida on Sunday.

As the Kamala look-alike was taking pictures with voters Laura Loomer outed her as a fake!

Laura Loomer shouted at the fraud, “That’s not Kamala Harris! That’s very deceptive to the voters!”

The fake Kamala fled the scene once she was exposed.

This is very dishonest!

The woman was even traveling with bodyguards!

A couple of days ago, the Kamala look-alike posted on Facebook looking for one secret service type male or female actor.

This is incredible!

The Fake Kamala got LOOMERED!

Here is the video–

And here is the stretch limo at the polling place.

Author: Jim Hoft

Source: The Gateway Pundit: FAKE KAMALA GOT LOOMERED! –Laura Loomer Catches Kamala Harris BODY DOUBLE at Palm Beach Polling Place! (VIDEO -PHOTOS)

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