We’re literally a day away from the 2020 Election—and the pollsters are doing their best to suppress the election.

They’re not doing a very good job, given the record number of early voting going on all over the country. Talk of “delayed” election results will go up in smoke, considering how many people already cast theirs over the last month.

Pollsters are putting in their last, best efforts to control—I mean, predict—the election. In states Trump won in 2016, they claim Sleepy Joe will easily win. That includes Pennsylvania, the Democrat’s home state.

But when have we ever trusted what the mainstream media says? It’s no secret they’ve become the propaganda arm for the Democratic Party. They’ll say anything if they think it will help their side—and they have.

The media does a good job of inventing stories, while ignoring what’s right in front of everybody’s faces. But talk is stirring how PA isn’t in Biden’s bag.

Democrats are anxious about Pennsylvania and a “potential late shift” towards President Donald Trump that could threaten their narrow lead, according to the Washington Post on Sunday.

The concern was embodied in what the Post called a “last-minute, two-day blitz” for Biden in the state, as Trump held four rallies in Pennsylvania on Saturday…

They also reportedly have “lingering concerns” about Biden’s comments on oil and gas. At the final presidential debate, Biden declared he would end the oil industry. When Trump asked Biden at the debate if he would “close down the oil industry,” Biden responded, “I would transition from the oil industry, yes.” [Source: Breitbart]

They should be more than worried; they should be downright terrified. This so-called “late shift” looks much more like a long-brewing Red Wave for Trump and the GOP. Just take a look at one of Trump’s rally from over the weekend.

This turnout cannot be matched by Biden, not even close:

Some say voters are flocking to Trump at the last minute because of Biden’s comments about ending the oil industry. Those are campaign-ending comments, to be sure. But let’s be honest. Why would any hard-working Pennsylvania resident back Biden, after all that Trump has done in the last four years?

For workers in the coal and oil industries, Trump has been a godsend. He has brought back the energy sector in ways few could have predicted. And that’s not to mention how he’s brought back manufacturing jobs, slashed regulations, and lowered taxes.

Biden promises to undo everything Trump’s done—and more. He wanted to kill our energy dominance, raise taxes, and bury businesses with new regulations.

And that’s not even getting into his plans to shut down the country over COVID.

It should not be a surprise to anyone that Trump is bringing out crowds like this. And if PA folks are willing to stand around in November cold just to hear him speak—they will certainly show up at the polls (and have been) tomorrow.

Is there anything the left can do to top that? Nope. Which explains why they’ve been acting the way they’ve been all year long.

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