Democrats are really going to hate this one. They keep pushing the lie that Trump has done nothing in his first term. Leftists ignore his achievements in this country, like scoring historic trade deals and bring manufacturing back to ailing states.

But even if they acknowledge his domestic successes (which they don’t), they certainly ignore his work around the world. They seem to think that “America first” means forgetting about the rest of the planet. Not true, obviously, from what we’ve seen from this administration. Trump has done the impossible all over the world—achieving deals and agreements unheard of before his presidency.

His success in the Middle East alone is historic-making, not to mention his progress in North Korea. He was recognized for these amazing successes with three Nobel Peace Prize nominations. Now, just a day before the election, he gets another one.

A coalition of 14 conservative European parliamentarians, led by the Sweden Democrats, on Monday nominated U.S President Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize.

”For his courage and commitment to the cause of peace in the Middle East, the Balkans, and on the Korean Peninsula, we wish to nominate United States President Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize,” the coalition said in a statement.

”In support of America’s global leadership for peace and prosperity under President Donald J. Trump. Our nomination is the largest nomination yet, with 14 parliamentarians from 11 different European nations nominating Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize,” it said. [Source: Breitbart]

It seems like European leaders are falling over themselves to nominate Trump for Nobel Peace Prizes. Funny, right? Doesn’t our media say that Trump is hated around the world—especially in Europe? But we have seen only the opposite every time European leaders open their month. It appears that they have great respect for Donald Trump and his ability to broker deals with countries that historically hated each other.

Europeans are willing to put aside whatever partisan grudges they might have had against Trump, in order to acknowledge his success. We’ll never see that happen among Democrats in America—because they are so eaten up with jealousy and hate over Trump’s achievements. Trump can literally achieve world peace with all nations and scum like Pelosi and Schumer will still complain.

The group praised Trump’s work in signing the Abraham Accords, bringing together Israel and many of her once-hostile Arab neighbors. They also recognized Trump’s efforts to broker peace between North and South Korea—something nobody (and I mean nobody) thought possible.

Obama was awarded a peace prize for doing nothing. Over his eight years as president, he only brought more conflict and bloodshed around the world. But Trump has been the first president in two generations to not start new conflicts, instead ending them.

But will he actually win a Nobel Peace Prize? He now how four nominations from several groups. But that doesn’t mean he’ll get it. Chances are, he will get snubbed thanks to partisan bitterness frequently shown by the world’s establishment.

That doesn’t matter, though. Trump’s achievements speak for themselves. And we’ll reward him ourselves, by giving him a second term.

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