All eyes have been on the presidential race last night and today. But numerous other elections were held also, elections that will determine our Congress and state governments. Democrats were hoping for a “blue wave” to take over the country. Clearly, that has not happened. While the fate of the House and Senate are still up in the air, a few victories have come through.

Democrats have been in control of the House since 2019. What do they have to show for it? Uh… not much. A failed impeachment, delayed COVID relief, and mountains of bad decisions that have broken the faith of many voters.

Nancy Pelosi is a failed leader, whose only claim to fame these days are her moments of confusion and hypocrisy. Yet despite the pathetic track record of Democrats in Congress, the media (as usual) was predicting they’d hold onto the House for another two years.

The final tally has been delayed (big surprise), but it’s clear that several races have upset the establishment. Republicans in key districts have taken seats from Democrats.

Multiple Republican candidates running for the U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday night upset the Democrat incumbents that they were running against.

Among the wins was Republican Carlos Gimenez, the former mayor of Miami-Dade County, who beat Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell in Florida’s 26th Congressional District…

Republican Maria Elvira Salazar, backed by President Donald Trump, knocked off far-left Rep. Donna Shalala in Florida’s 27th Congressional District…

Nicole Malliotakis, who is Cuban, upset Rep. Max Rose in New York’s 11th Congressional District. [Source: Daily Wire]

There are many more races yet to be called, but these are significant in and of themselves. These three Republicans unseated leftist incumbents, in races the media expected to go for Democrats.

What’s also worth noting is how more and more Hispanic support and candidates are backing the GOP. Word is a record number of Hispanic voters went for Trump and are giving Republicans key victories across the state. It is a major upset that has foiled most of the left’s plans for future victories.

These candidates prove the tide is shifting. They were able to win seats in traditionally blue districts. While the final majority of the House might go blue, this is a sign of things to come.

Democrats ran a weak candidate on a toxic platform. Americans fought back to vote for candidates who put our values, traditions, and people first.

The media might not like it. They might not acknowledge it. But it’s happening.

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