Even though we’ve all seen how terrible the “defund police” movement was, there are still Democrats who want this nationwide. The effects of slashing police budgets in major cities have resulted in spikes of crime and violence—not to mention ongoing unrest and violence. And yet so many leftists have yet to learn.

The start of all this madness was Minneapolis, MN. As their radical city council discusses disbanding the entire police force, a wave of violence nearly destroyed the city. It was only brought under control thanks to the intervention of the federal government. But the city still pressed onward to hamstring their police force.

Now, things are so bad, the chief of police is begging anyone for help.

The Minneapolis chief of police implored the city council to bring in help from the outside after a hemorrhaging police force has left the city reeling amid rising crime…

“Resources are hemorrhaging,” Arradondo said at a Tuesday meeting. “Our city is bleeding at this moment. I’m trying to do all I can to stop that bleeding.”

“Arradondo is asking for money to bring in 20 to 40 officers from the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office and Metro Transit Police to form joint enforcement teams. The city would reimburse the agencies for their officers’ salaries and benefits.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Just as the city slashed the police budget, forcing cops out of work, many (and this is true nationwide) have quit on their own. The rising anti-police sentiment has forced many cops to reconsider this dangerous line of work. After all, why risk your life to protect citizens—who blame you for all of society’s ills?

Minneapolis is enjoying rising crime as a direct result of this idiotic, left-wing move. The chief of police is asking for 20-40 more cops just to “stop the bleeding.” But that won’t wholly remedy the problem. They’ll probably need many more police, working around the clock for months, to get the city back to normal. But that won’t be possible, thanks to their radical city council.

Even Arradondo’s modest request faced pushback from the city. They blamed the cops for not properly addressing the rise in violent crime, ignoring the fact that it was their defunding move that started all of this. These idiots can’t see that eliminating police resources directly affects crime.

Minneapolis’ left-wing city council said they’d rather spend the money on other methods of preventing crime, but have they? Many Democrats attack cops, saying their funding can be better used in other ways. Yet we never see this money spent on anything that can stem the tide of crime or even help people in need.

Nope, that money mysteriously disappeared, swallowed up in the corrupt swamp that is local government.

All the council was willing to do was approve $500,000, a far cry from what the cops need, and only by a slim margin.

Perhaps order will be restored to Minneapolis whenever these people are voted out of office. But I’m not holding my breath.

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