FOX News hates their viewers.

They want a new audience.

The Fox News Channel crashed in ratings on Saturday, coming in a distant third place to leader CNN and second place MSNBC. In the week before Tuesday’s election Fox News averaged more than double the viewership of CNN and MSNBC.

The FOX News Channel hit rock bottom when they defended and ignored the massive fraud in this year’s 2020 election.

Two days ago Bret Baier deleted the tweet that exposed the exploding on-going backlash against Fox.

Many of their hosts were openly hostile to their conservative audience.

And several FOX News hosts absolutely HATE President Trump and his supporters.

The exodus from FOX News is so immense that the station reportedly hired a PR firm to save what is left of the floundering channel.




Author: Jim Hoft

Source: The Gateway Pundit: REPORT: FOX News Hires Crisis Management Team to Handle PR Over Ratings Crisis

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