Four members of President Trump’s kitchen cabinet said that if Joe Biden’s election is certified, the Republican will run again.

“He is never going to stop. 2024? 2024 is going to happen,” one of the four who has regular contact with the president told Secrets.

“There is a big 2024 play in this legal fight,” said another who was with Trump this week. “He is not going anywhere. He is the great unifier of the Republican Party. People are not going to walk away from him. It is their identity,” added the source.

A third source said that there is no focus, politically or fundraising, on 2024 while the legal fight is on. But when it ends, and if it comes out bad for the president, the effort will begin immediately.

While several other Republicans are eager to run against Biden, should he win, only Trump can bring together his 70 million supporters. Several influential backers told us that the president’s supporters appreciate his “fight” and will stick with him, at least initially. Just look, one said, at the “Stop the Steal” campaigns and rallies around the nation for Trump.

According to Rich Thau, president of Engagious, who spent six months following swing voters who had supported former President Barack Obama before switching to Trump, support for the Republican is rabid. He said that they are staunch America First voters who get their news from the websites Trump feeds, not traditional news.

Author: Paul Bedard, Washington Secrets Columnist

Source: Washington Examiner: It’s on: 2024 run is Trump’s backup plan

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