The presidential race isn’t the only one taking its time to be decided. It might be another week or more before we know the outcome of that one, but many other races are being decided in recent days. Democrats cheered over a supposed blue wave that would wash away conservatives from seats of power. Instead, many Democrats were on the chopping block as Republicans won key House seats.

A record number of women, minority, and veteran candidates won races this election. But few of them were on the left. That’s right, the Republican Party has become the party of diverse candidates who represent Americans from all walks of life. That’s especially true of women and non-white Americans.

How can this be? I thought Republicans were all racist and sexist? I guess the media has been ignoring the growing number of people from various backgrounds who have flocked to the GOP over recent years. Hmm… I wonder why that is? Perhaps it has something to do with a leader that has saved the Republican Party from the corrupting D.C. swamp, as Democrats plunged head-first into destructive social justice, identity politics, and globalism.

Many Democrat seats were lost to first-time candidates from the GOP. And it looks like another key race is being decided, with an NFL great and Trump supporter taking it from a Democrat.

Republican candidate Burgess Owens appears likely to secure victory in his bid to represent Utah’s 4th Congressional District.

Owens faced off against Democratic Rep. Ben McAdams during the election, though some third-party candidates also took smaller portions of the vote.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported that Owens on Friday had received 47.50% of the vote compared to McAdams having earned 46.93%. The official canvass will be Tuesday, according to the outlet.

The Tribune said that Owens’ lead “looked to be insurmountable on Friday, based on indications that only a few thousand outstanding ballots remained to be counted in the contest.” [Source: Just the News]

Burgess Owens is one of many influential black Americans who have stood behind Trump over the last few years. You’d think if America hates Trump as much as the media claims, Owens would not have had a chance to win this election. But it appears that this former NFL star and outspoken conservative has beaten his Democratic rival.

If the results stay consistent, it will be another major win for Republicans in the race for the House. Democrats watched their already thin majority wither away this election. They won’t take the Senate and won’t have enough votes in the House to get anything done. They will actually have to… work with Republicans!

That’s the last thing Democrats wanted. They have made it clear they want all the power in this country, to do whatever they please. The idea of compromise and cooperation no longer exists in their mind. But regardless of their schemes, they’ll either learn to get along with Republicans, or face another four years of irrelevance.

I already know what they are going to pick.

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