Democrats continue to ignore the many widespread reports that cast doubt on the 2020 Election. A record number of people allegedly voted—but there’s also been a record number of reports of problems across the country.

From Arizona to Pennsylvania, stories have emerged of problems with this year’s voting system. Software “glitched,” flipping votes for one candidate to another. Some states took an unusually long time to count voters, mysteriously “finding” lost votes weeks later. And according to some, GOP poll watchers weren’t even allowed in the counting rooms.

That’s only for starters. State election officials changed rules that only legislatures are allowed to change, opening the door for rampant fraud. The media wants you to think that Biden won fair and square—but that’s far from the truth.

Pennsylvania has become a major battleground. By the end of Election Night, Trump was winning by nearly a million votes. Then the counters suddenly stopped. They surprisingly found just enough votes to give Biden the victory—suggesting ballot harvesting was used to give him the victory.

Now, reports are coming in from voters of many, many irregularities.

Voting irregularities in the key battleground state of Pennsylvania — where Joe Biden leads President Trump by just over 1% — have reportedly been widespread…

“Among 1706 respondents we reached whom the state said were sent an absentee ballot, 556 said they never requested it,” Braynard said this week.

“And of the 1137 who did request the ballot, 453 said they mailed back yet the state did not receive or count them,” he added…

When Kunkle showed up at his voting station, he was not allowed to vote on the machine, and was told he had to file a provisional vote.

Kunkle provided Just the News with personal information to check his mail-in voting status on the Pennsylvania state website. That website lists his ballot status as “pending.” [Source: Just the News]

It’s a real mess out there, folks. This one voter was forced to fill out a provisional ballot, denied access to a voting machine. His vote was still “pending” today, even though the media has “called” Pennsylvania for Biden.

Numerous reports of mistakes and irregularities have come out from Pennsylvania. You might be saying, “So, there are mistakes. That doesn’t prove fraud.” Think of it this way. The more “irregularities” happening during these transactions, the easier it would be for someone to cheat and nobody notice. Would you trust your money with a bank if they made this many mistakes? Of course not. You’d fear your cash being lost or stolen.

So, why should we tolerate this many mistakes in a process that decides our president? Trump has every right to take these issues to the Supreme Court. Election officials have been trained and do this every two years. It’s not acceptable that they messed up this much and suggest highly of fraud.

We deserve to get straight answers and untangle this mess.

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