The media might have stopped talking about the “defund police” movement. But the policies embraced by radical Democrats continue to hurt millions of Americans. Major cities all across the country jumped on this suicidal bandwagon. In some places, they slashed millions from their police department’s budgets.

That has led to a drop in the number of cops working on the force. Less money also means less training and equipment—and it’s less-likely you’ll be able to get someone to help you when you’re in need. Big surprise, every place that slashed cop budgets has seen a spike in crime. In some places, the surge has been astronomical.

You’d think solid red states would have rejected this insane trend right out of hand. But you’d be wrong. Even in diehard Texas, there is a cancer of liberal thinking in major cities. Austin voted to slash over $150 million from their police budget. Don’t be shocked to learn that capital city is suffering under a surge of murders.

Dallas, another city infested with leftist parasites, cut their police budget by $7 million. They are suffering under a similar surge in crime. Now, these hypocrites are demanding aid from the state. But they’re going to get some bad news.

“The rise in violent crime in the city of Dallas is unacceptable, and the Texas Department of Public Safety will assist the Dallas Police Department in their efforts to protect the community and reduce this surge in crime,” Governor Abbott said in a written statement. “Every Texan deserves to feel safe in their own community, and the State of Texas will continue to provide the city of Dallas with the resources they need to crack down on this heinous activity and protect Dallas residents.”

The call for help comes after the city cut $7 million from the $24 million overtime budget for the Dallas Police Department in September, the Texas Tribune reported. Instead of keeping commissioned officers on the street to attack violent crime, the city chose to divert funds to hiring civilian workers and improve street lighting.

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson thanked Governor Abbott for sending in additional law enforcement resources, Fox4 News reported. [Source: Breitbart]

Don’t thank Abbott just yet, Eric. Because the governor has already announced he is working on legislation to defund any Texas city that cuts their police budgets. The state isn’t providing cash for Dallas, after what they did, but more cops to battle their spike in violent crime. But that “gift” will only be temporary. Unless Dallas ends their trend of punishing cops, they will suffer the consequences.

Mayor Johnson whined about the dramatic increase in murders, yet he still signed off on policies that will only increase crime. Imagine being that stupid. They took money from the cops to higher civilian workers and more street lights.

Yeah! Because the one thing that stops hardened killers from taking lives… are lights! Not, you know, trained cops who shoot back.

(Other Texas cities, by the way, increased their police budgets this year—including San Antonio.)

Perhaps Dallas and Austin will see the light one day. But I’ll be keeping clear until then.

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