President Trump’s supporters should quickly dry their eyes because there is something quickly approaching that they surely won’t want to miss: the Hunger Games that are about to play out in the Democratic Party.

Democrats know that despite their success in denying Trump another term, things actually went horribly for them this entire election year, and if not for the pandemic, hyped up by the national media, everyone else would be acutely aware of what a freak show the party has been putting on.

This election, Democrats saw their majority unexpectedly dwindle in the House, giving Republicans a decent shot at taking over in 2022. State legislatures also remained in Republican control, and the GOP actually flipped the Legislature in New Hampshire. Democrats, despite having dumped buckets of money into state-level races, flipped none. And though they’ve seized the presidency, what will it have earned them? Trump is gone, but now, we’re looking at an administration run by a 78-year-old white man who has spent his entire adult life in Washington and who likely won’t be able to do, or won’t care to do, 95% of what liberals have their hopes up for.

Power in the Senate won’t be decided until the special election for both of Georgia’s Senate seats, but the state hasn’t elected a Democrat to the Senate in more than two decades. If Republicans win at least one of the races, they will certainly block anything on Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar’s wish list.

Several Democrats who lost or nearly lost their bids for reelection in more centrist districts complained immediately after defeat about the extremists in their party who wouldn’t shut up about wanting to defund the police. The extremists have so far answered that with a shrug.

Liberals at the New York Times know this is a fast-approaching train wreck. The panic is all over the paper’s op-ed pages this week.

In a plea for the fractured party to “stop fighting,” New York Times liberal writer Michelle Goldberg wrote Monday that “2020 was a reminder of something most older liberals long ago had to come to terms with: The voters who live in the places that determine political control in this country tend to be more conservative than we are.”

The paper’s smartest liberal, Thomas Edsall, blamed the “tragic legacy of the Trump administration” for Democrats’ intensifying woes, but he also knows what’s up. “Liberal advocacy groups have become more in-your-face, more intense,” he said, a reality that is crippling the party’s ability at large to advance any of its platform ideals.

It feels like a long time ago, but anyone paying attention to the Democratic presidential primary circus earlier this year would have seen this coming. They dared one another to pledge that as president, they would break down all barriers at the southern border; make free healthcare an entitlement for illegal immigrants; and decriminalize unauthorized entry into the country. Each candidate tried to outdo the other in declaring just how racist America was as a country. (Bernie Sanders took the gold on that one when he said that the United States was racist “from top to bottom.”)

None of this will be left behind in 2020. It was eclipsed by the coronavirus and the national media’s collective hatred for Trump, but it’s coming back quickly, and the fun is just getting started.

Author: Eddie Scarry, Commentary Writer

Source: Washington Examiner: Without Trump to unite them in hatred, Democrats are on the verge of civil war

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