The media rolled its collective eyes when President Trump called out shady election software “Dominion.” He raised the alarm that this software, used in many swing states, is riddled with problems and easily manipulated. We all learned he was right when news came out that a “glitch” flipped thousands of votes for a Republican to his Democratic rival.

The fix changed the outcome of that election. But what about every other race that used this software, in every other state?

In fact, this software is so troublesome, many states outright refused to use it. Texas rejected the software after officials learned it could not be trusted. So, why did so many states jump on the Dominion bandwagon, despite red flags?

Hmm… I’ll let you puzzle that one out. In the meantime, here is more proof this software should not be used to count movie ticket sales, let alone votes.

Voting software deployed by the election hardware company Dominion Voting Systems can allow election staffers to manually adjust tally amounts while reviewing scanned ballot images, a process that the company says allows for “resolution of voter intent” in cases where ballot marks are unclear…

The company has claimed that “it is not possible for a bad actor to change election results without detection.” Dominion does, meanwhile, allow at least one avenue for manual adjustment of vote tallies as part of a process known as “adjudication.” [Source: Just the News]

Lol, okay Dominion, we believe you. The company is adamant that “bad actors” cannot change election results. Yet they admit people counting votes can alter tallies based on “voter intent.” Meaning, they can change votes if they think voters meant one thing—even if the ballots say another.

Dominion is basically admitting your votes don’t matter, as long as the person counting your votes wants to change it.

How can anybody believe the results of elections from states that use Dominion now? The software is questionable at best—manipulative at worst. Of course, the company will deny anything bad occurred this election, but do you really think they’d admit to the public they screwed up? I think you know the answer to that.

The media continues to push a narrative based on their own assumptions, not the facts. The facts are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of votes counted this year might not be legal. Every American who prizes our democracy must demand action. Even if that means the Supreme Court making rulings that come down hard on states that dropped the ball.

The future of our elections is at stake on this one, my friends.

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