When an administration first enters office, they want to hit the ground running. Some of their most important and lasting decisions happen in those early months. It’s when most Americans are watching, expecting all the campaign promises to be fulfilled.

Joe Biden made plenty of promises during his campaign. In fact, he recently revealed a whopping $1.9 trillion measure to—among other things—battle the COVID pandemic that hit our shores a year ago. Biden claims he’d do a better job of ending the crisis than Trump did, despite Trump’s efforts to provide 2 vaccines in record time.

But Biden is already hitting a major snag in his agenda. Even though he has a Democrat-controlled Congress, they won’t provide him with a billion for months.

Democrat lawmakers expect to fail on providing another round of coronavirus relief until March despite President Joe Biden outlining a $1.9 trillion relief measures last week, Punchbowl News founder Jake Sherman reported Wednesday.

“In @PunchbowlNews AM — Democrats do not expect to be able to send @JoeBiden a Covid [coronavirus] relief bill until early March,” Sherman reported the morning of the inauguration…

While Democrats have identified additional coronavirus relief as a legislative priority, they are also focused on convicting Trump in the forthcoming Senate impeachment trial, with Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) expressing hope they will be able to prevent Trump from running for office in the future. [Source: Breitbart]

Sen. Chuck Schumer admitted his priority is not helping Americans through one of the worst crises to reach our country, but to attack a man no longer in office.

Schumer revealed the Senate would hold an impeachment trial against Trump, even though he’s out of the White House. The Democrat revealed it was only about preventing him from running again, even though nobody knows if Trump will.

Keep in mind, the Senate does not have the votes to convict Trump, not even close. With each passing day, it becomes even less likely that any Republicans will vote to convict a man out of office (Democrats need 67 senators to vote to convict).

Yet, Schumer and Democrats in the House are focusing on this, not on relief that could help millions.

And they want us to believe they care about America?

Has all this been a game for Democrats? Do they really view government as just a playground where they fool around in a sandbox, handing out favors to their supporters and attacking their enemies? Is all the rhetoric about helping people in need just talk?

What else can we conclude, when Congress focuses on their vendetta against Trump, instead of doing anything remotely beneficial for the country?

Make no mistake, Democrats are doing this because they blame Trump for the January 6 riot. They didn’t care about riots in Portland, Seattle, New York, Minneapolis, or anywhere else. Just the one that affected their building. The one that forced them to huddle and hide like terrified mice under desks. That’s what they really care about—saving their own skins.

The rest of us? Oh, I guess we can wait until March.

But can you?

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