President Joe Biden chastised Associated Press White House reporter Zeke Miller over a question about the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

Miller asked whether the 100 million doses that the Biden administration said will be going out over the next 100 days will be enough “based on where the US is right now.” The question came as Biden delivered remarks amid an executive order signing ceremony on Thursday.

“When I announced it, you all said it’s not possible,” Biden replied. “Come on, give me a break, man.”


“It’s a good start,” Biden added as he got up from the desk, appearing to refer to his vaccine rollout plan.

Reporters were promptly “whisked out” of the room after Miller’s question, according to a pool report.

Biden’s “give me a break” response has become somewhat common throughout recent years. He said it to millennials in 2018 who believe they have a hard life, the LA Times reported. Biden also made the comment to Democratic Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders during an argument at one of the Democratic debates.

Author: Shelby Talcott

Source: Daily Caller: President Biden Tells A Reporter Asking About Vaccine Rollout To ‘Give Me A Break, Man’

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