When Donald Trump was in the White House, he repeatedly called on Congress to address major problems in our immigration policy. He wanted a permanent fix for DACA. And he discussed a “pathway to citizenship” for long-time illegals, based on merit. Of course, Congress refused to even negotiate.

Joe Biden has promised what is basically an open borders policy for immigration. He not only wants to increase the number of migrants that enter the country, his plans would look the other way to those who come here against the rules. This week, he released a plan for current aliens that would provide a fast-track to citizenship for 11-22 million people.

Democrats appear all too happy to embrace this plan, that ignores current immigration rules and does little to reform the system. But, it seems, key senators—who once supported amnesty—are now opposing it.

Key Senate Republicans, many of whom have supported amnesties in the past, are rejecting President Joe Biden’s plan to give amnesty to about 11 to 22 million illegal aliens living in the United States that also includes increases to legal immigration…

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), a former member of the infamous “Gang of Eight,” which sought an amnesty for illegal aliens in 2013, shot down Biden’s amnesty saying congress must aid Americans and the growing threat of China before prioritizing foreign nationals.

“Before we deal with immigration we need to deal with COVID, make sure everyone has the chance to find a good job, and confront the threat from China,” Rubio said in a statement. [Source: Breitbart]

Rubio said a “blanket amnesty” plan for people in American “unlawfully” is not the solution, especially as it neglects hurting Americans who need to go back to work. That is actually the opposite of what Rubio’s wanted in the past, as he previously supported plans to help aliens. It appears his priorities have changed in the face of COVID.

Joining Rubio is Lindsey Graham, who also supported the “Gang of Eight” plan, says Biden’s plan won’t pass in the Senate. Instead, he said Biden should focus on a DACA deal, given the current “environment.”

Tom Cotton also opposed Biden’s plan, warning Republicans in the House and Senate not to support it. Even Mitch McConnell called the plan a “rough day one for American workers.”

In the age of COVID, little has been done to address immigration. It’s further proof that the government’s response to the disease is not sustainable in the long run. You can’t shut down travel for good—that includes immigration. The nation needs to function, as well as provide a plan to deal with potential newcomers.

On top of that, with so many Americans still struggling to find work, the last thing they need is for immigrants to come in and take what few jobs are available. For a president to want to fast-track such a plan suggests he’s not even thinking about American workers.

Would be pretty much the case for Biden.

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