Joe Biden ran on a platform of helping families who are struggling, due to the COVID panic. It would have been easy for him to help them, right? After all, it was Democratic governors who put these families in difficulties in the first place?

Most Americans are suffering because of state-mandated shutdowns. Millions can’t go to work, school, or go about their daily lives. The government came through with a one-time payment, back in April 2020. Since then, Americans have seen little in the form of federal relief.

Biden released a $1.9 trillion spending plan to target COVID. While it does deal with providing more resources for the vaccines, some lawmakers aren’t happy with one particular aspect of the plan. And both Republicans and Democrats are voicing their anger at old Joe.

A group of bipartisan Senators reportedly pushed back on the Biden administration on Sunday, informing the White House that it was providing too much money “to high-income Americans.”

“The senators told the White House officials they support spending more on vaccine distribution but some balked at the stimulus payments, urging the White House to make them targeted toward those in greater need, according to sources on the call. Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) pressed the Biden officials on why families making $300,000 would be eligible and urged a focus on lower-income workers.”

Even Sen. Angus King (I-ME) had issues with the amount of money that Biden was trying to get passed, saying, “This isn’t monopoly money.”

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) said that “the more targeted the assistance can be where it’s needed most, the more helpful.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Isn’t it funny how a Democrat like Joe Biden is trying to send out checks to people earning six figures? I thought Democrats were the “party of the people?” Weren’t they the ones who daily attacked Trump, claiming (wrongly) his policies only helped the rich?

But suddenly, Joe Biden appears all too eager to hand out relief to those who apparently don’t need it. Let’s be honest, a $2,000 check is nice, but it won’t help families who have been struggling to pay rent for the last nine months. Nor will it replace the small businesses that closed shop for good, or recover what has been lost over 2020.

The least the government can do, though, is move quickly to reopen closed states and provide some measure of relief to working families. Biden claims to be a progressive looking to help regular folks. But, as we predicted, he’s just another corporate puppet looking to help the rich and powerful.

I wonder how many Democrats will get on board to oppose his agenda?

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