Joe Biden’s White House refused to answer questions on the federal government’s COVID vaccine stockpile. I think we now know why. A shocking new report is claiming that members of Biden’s team have yet to locate at least 20 million doses that shipped across the country last week.

The Saturday report said, “A ‘mystery’ has hampered Team Biden’s ability to locate millions of COVID vaccine doses. These vaccines are what’s preventing the American economy from reopening.”

Under Trump, millions of vaccines of both doses were successfully distributed. Team Biden has attempted to pass blame by saying, “Tracking the vaccine doses is the responsibility of the states and individual healthcare facilities. The administration is only informed when the doses have successfully made it their locations.”

 ‘It’s a mess,’” said one adviser close to the White House. 

From his basement in Delaware, President-Elect Biden vowed to distribute 100 million vaccines in the first 100 days of his presidency. However, the Trump administration was already crushing that goal before Biden even took office.  

After signing one of his many executive orders, a liberal reporter asked Biden if his target should be aimed a little higher, noting “that’s basically where the U.S. was at under Trump.”

The aged Biden responded gruffly, “C’mon, give me a break, man.”

Biden again balked at a reporter’s question when asked about the low bar his administration is setting for vaccine distribution.

Fox News reporter Peter Doocey demanded Biden take his question before his handlers carried him off to rest. 

“Now, wait,” Biden said. “His questions always have an edge to them, and I like that. So go ahead and ask your question.”

Doocey said before Biden cut him off, “You just said within three weeks you plan on reaching your goal of 100 million …”

“We will get there before that, I hope. I misspoke,” a very tongue-tied Biden said. 

Joe Biden ultimately felt the pressure and upped the goal to 1.5 million vaccines administered per day.

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