Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi have devised a ‘clever’ way to ignore Republican concerns over Biden’s giant trillion-dollar Coronavirus stimulus bill. In a joint announcement made yesterday, the evil pair informed the American people that bipartisanship was not on the table. 

This not-so-shocking news comes after public turmoil struck the Democratic Party. Schumer and Pelosi continue to struggle keeping their party operatives in line. Most recently Sen. Manchin and Sen. Synema publicly denounced ending the Filibuster, easing the concerns of many American voters. 

The Senate process called ‘budget reconciliation’ allows certain spending and tax measures to pass the chamber with a simple majority. This is an obvious tactic proposed by the Democrats in an effort to ignore any Republican concerns. 

Senate now has the advantage of jamming through legislation without any form of debate or discussion – undoubtedly a dangerous precedent set by Democrats. Without push-back from opposition parties or coalitions, the Radical Democrats can have their way with the legislative future of America. 

Schumer and Pelosi are set to take their resolution to a vote in their respective chambers this week. 

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