The most drastic differences between the Trump administration and the incoming one has been their stances on immigration. It was no secret that Donald Trump campaigned on protecting our borders and ending the tide of illegal immigration that harmed the country.

Joe Biden, as a puppet for globalists and corporations, has vowed to rescind all of Trump’s policies. He has halted the construction of the border wall and reversed numerous rules already. Biden will work at nothing less than a total open borders approach to immigration. Such a move will have drastic effects on our economy, national security, and health.

The states that will be impacted first are along the border, including California, Arizona, and Texas. A massive influx of migrants and illegals will undermine the security of numerous communities, as it spreads to the rest of the country.

But Texas’s governor refuses to sit back and let Biden run all over his state. And in his recent address, he vowed to fight back.

During his State of the State Address on Monday night, Texas Governor Greg Abbott pledged to “fortify” the state’s border security efforts. The statement follows actions by the new administration of President Joe Biden to end the construction of border wall systems and related policies.

“Because of the federal government’s open border policies,” Governor Abbott said while speaking from Visionary Fiber Technologies in Lockhart, Texas, “Texas must fortify its efforts to secure our border.” …

“We already have planes in the air, boots on the ground, boats on the water, and cruisers on the roads,” the Texas governor said, referring to the state’s efforts. “We must expand our efforts to crack down on human trafficking and drug smuggling in Texas.” [Source: Breitbart]

Texas lawmakers intend to back Abbott’s efforts with an $800 million spending plan. The budget will cover border security overs over the next two years. Recently, Texas has hired roughly 1,000 additional troopers to support the defense of the Southern border. Texas has also built tech and training centers. They also employ National Guardsmen and airmen to patrol the border.

But all that effort places a burden on the state that should be otherwise. One report claims it costs Texas $12.36 billion a year, just to secure the border. That’s all tax dollars, that could be spent elsewhere, had our federal government bothered to do its job. (Yes, even with Trump, Congress resisted efforts tooth and nail.)

Why should Texas citizens be forced to cover such a bill, when this problem affects the entire country? The human traffickers, drug runners, and other criminals don’t just stay in Texas. These criminals harm the entire nation, spreading their poison to every corner of the map. Yet under Biden, very little will be done to protect everyday Americans.

Texas can fight as hard as it can, but what about all the other border states? What good is Texas’s effort, when California essentially rolls out a red carpet?

Unless the federal government gets involved, the problem will only grow worse.

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