President Donald Trump picked up another Nobel Peace Prize nomination this week. A member of the Estonian Parliament announced his decision to nominate Trump on social media. 

In a post on social media, Madison said:

“Donald Trump is the first President in modern U.S. history to not start a foreign war. Additionally, his peace agreements with Israel and members of the Arab community deserve recognition.”

President Trump spearheaded the Abraham Accords — a joint agreement with Israel and a growing number of Arab countries historically not sympathetic to Israel’s existence. 

This isn’t Trump’s first Nobel Peace Prize nomination. The former President picked up a nomination last year from another member of Parliament. 

In a separate order of business, Harvard Law scholar Alan Dershowitz through Jared Kushner’s hat in the ring. The former Trump attorney nominated the White House Adviser for a peace prize for his role in brokering the historic Middle East Peace Deals. 

“The Nobel Peace Prize is not a popularity contest,” Dershowitz wrote. “It is an award bestowed upon those who fill the daunting criteria of Alfred Nobel himself.”

Thanks to the Trump administration’s diplomatic push, peace deals were negotiated with Sudan and Morocco as well. 

The Biden administration is posed to reexamine the peace deals made under Trump’s presidency in an effort to straighten relations with Middle East allies. Team Trump’s exhaustive work could very well be easily reversed by the bitter agents in Biden’s growing administration.

The winner of the Nobel Peace Prize will be awarded in November 2021.

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