Joe Biden signed three executive orders aimed at undoing the immigration policies of President Trump. Dubbing illegal immigration “irregular migration,” it’s obvious the current administration is taking the anti-American ‘woke’ approach to enforcing immigration law. 

The administration touted a three-part comprehensive plan for dealing with “irregular migration” from Central and South America where a majority of illegal immigrants in America come from.  

The majority of Biden’s plan dictates how it will work with other countries to lower the number of illegal immigration. Like most Democrats, Biden’s plan is to throw money at the problem. His proposal promises billions to the poorest Central and South American countries in the hopes they will curtail the number of immigrants headed for the U.S. 

Until that funding is secured, the Biden administration has removed any legal avenue that could prevent the storming of our Southern border. 

The Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) was a policy adopted by the Trump administration that required migrants seeking asylum to remain in Mexico while their requests were decided upon. Joe Biden has publicly stated he plans to completely eliminate this very common sense policy on grounds it may upset his Far-Left base. 

With more outcry from border professionals and law enforcement, the current administration has said they will in fact review the Trump policy to assess its efficacy. 

Critics have said ending MPP will be a disaster for America. 

“If the Biden administration ends MPP, they will be removing the legal incentive for illegal immigrants to remain in their home country pending their day in court.” former acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan said.

With another stroke of a pen, Biden is doubling down on his open-border immigration policy that will surely throw America into turmoil. The Democrats have applauded Biden’s recent actions as mass immigration nearly ensures a legislative majority.

Conservatives are pleading with the Biden administration, claiming Trump’s border policies actually worked.

Biden’s first illegal order will create a task force to reunite families, a policy adapted while he was Vice President. The current administration has not address how they will manage human trafficking and adults who bring children across the border for criminal means. Truly a disaster waiting to happen. 

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