Joe Biden’s pick for Secretary of Education claimed the administration had a “legal responsibility” to allow men in women’s sports. 

Miguel Cardona was pressed Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) whether he believes it is fair to have transgender boys participate in girls’ sports. Cardona affirmed that transgender men should have access to biological women’s sports.

Biden has preached over and over to the American people just how “pro-science” his administration is. Joe has taken this opportunity to reveal that not only is he a liar, but also a hypocrite. 

Paul continued to press Cadona during the confirmation hearing. 

“A lot of Americans find men competing in women’s sports quite bizarre,” Sen. Paul said. 

Frankly, some boy measuring six-foot-two competing against my four-foot-four niece is ridiculous. Most Americans think that’s bizarre,” Paul added. 

Biden has already taken up with issue by brandishing his most useful weapon at the moment – the Executive Order. The order forces athletic programs to acknowledge the gender the student identifies as, not how they’re born. While Cardona claims he has a “legal responsibility” to protect transgender athletes, one must ask why women aren’t afforded that same legal responsibility? 

Cardona has proven himself to be a far-left radical with other education decisions as well. As commissioner of education in his home state of Connecticut, Cardona helped create and institute a mandated, statewide minority-studies course rooted in critical race theory. The course will be required for all high school students in Connecticut.

We can absolutely look forward to more of Biden’s left-wing cabinet nominees. As confirmation hearings occur, we will learn just how radical they really are. 

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