It’s no secret that for years, big tech companies have used their influence to silence users. In just recent months, we’ve seen social networks and other platforms shut down entire websites or ban users—all over their political views.

Donald Trump had called on conservatives to tackle this issue constantly. He demanded Congress do something about the gross violation of free speech these big companies appear to be committing. But his calls fell on deaf ears, despite the fact this censorship will hurt but liberals and conservatives.

Only recently have we seen leaders do anything about this problem. A few Republican leaders at the state level have talked about going after big tech and their shady practices. And now, Gov. DeSantis of Florida is actually rolling out a plan.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis revealed during an interview on Tuesday night three things that his state is doing to take on tech companies…

“One is protect Floridian’s data privacy from big tech… And then the general protections for deplatforming users and what we’re allowing people to do is bring civil suits under the Florida deceptive and unfair trade practices statute and anti-fraud statute and also allowing the State Attorney General to do that as well…

I think it’ll end up being a really good first step. I mean, there’s always been the question, what do you do about this, I think a lot of us have thought there was something wrong for a long time. But to just sit back and hope it gets better, that clearly wasn’t going to work. So we’re leading, and I think it’ll be good.” [Source: Daily Wire]

DeSantis says his state will be “leading” in what might become ongoing battles against big tech companies. His state will be implementing—pending legislation—a three-pronged strategy at reining in these companies’ influence.

One focus is to protect the private data of citizens from these vultures. Most of the power (and money) big tech companies get over you is in the form of mountains of personal data about your life. You may not realize it, but social platforms, Apple, Amazon, and more thrive because of what they learn about you. Much of this information you don’t even realize you are handing over to them.

Big tech companies have been accused of gathering your private data and using it against you, especially during election season. DeSantis is moving to make it harder for big tech to do this.

Other moves he will be pushing is allowing citizens and the state AG to bring civil suits against companies, should they violate Florida’s unfair trade practices laws.

Giving Americans the power to fight back puts them on the same footing as these big tech companies. If Silicon Valley knew they’d be vulnerable to lawsuits if they kept harvesting data, censoring users, or manipulating what they saw, they would be less likely to do any of those things. Trust me, a few painful lawsuits will change big tech’s entire culture.

What remains is how these moves will influence the rest of the country. Strong regulations in one state can affect the rest (just look at California’s insane regulations on manufacturers). But it also might inspire more states to come up with their own protections for residents. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing moves across red states to ensure big tech can’t walk all over Americans anymore.

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