House Republicans and Senate members are teaming up to reverse arguably Biden’s worst policy since he’s taken office. In January, Biden signed an Executive Order effectively ending the Keystone Pipeline project leaving many Americans out of a job. Republican lawmakers are looking to change that. 

A bill introduced by Rep. Kelly Armstrong and 84 Republican backers would immediately authorize construction on the Keystone XL Pipeline and eliminate the need for a presidential permit for operation.

“Joe Biden’s decision to halt construction on  the Keystone XL Pipeline is an attack on the way of life for thousands of Americans who rely on energy production to feed their families,” Armstrong said. 

Rep. Armstrong introduced this bill on the same day many congressional Republicans toured an oil and gas facility in Houston, Texas. Republicans have been extremely vocal on America’s need for energy independence and warned Biden of the consequences if he jeopardizes that independence. Biden obviously did not heed Republican advice. So much for unity. 

Once in office, Biden wasted no time crushing thousands of American jobs as part of his plan to catapult America into environmental fascism. 

Halting construction on the pipeline angered many lawmakers, especially from states where oil and gas is their lifeline to economic freedom. Numerous Republican senators penned a letter to Biden days after he destroyed work on the pipeline, ridiculing the move with a request to meet. 

The Democrat majority in both the House and the Senate has ensured this legislation faces a hard rode to Biden’s desk. Republican leaders would need to sway a number of Democrats before any moves can be made. 

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