President Trump and his congressional supporters are gearing up for the political battle of the century as the Senate impeachment trial nears. The soul of the Republican Party is on the line and Trump does not plan to lose it. 

On Wednesday, Trump’s legal team laid out their ironclad defense. Not only are they arguing that the trial itself breaches constitutional norm, but the President’s words during the Capitol Protest are in fact protected under the First Amendment. 

Sources close to the legal team say they have left open the possibility to revisit Trump’s claim that he was the winner of the 2020 Presidential election. 

The possibility of Trump’s Senate trial to feature such a bombshell has many close to the President urging him to set the stage for a return to power. This is his chance. 

Former White House strategist Steve Bannon, said Democrats were motivated by political need to take Trump down. He should mount a political defense based on election fraud, not a “namby-pamby” legalistic play.

“Democrats are doing this for one reason: destroy President Trump, destroy his ability to lead the movement, to run again in the future, to discredit his movement’s followers, and shame them into silence,” he said. “The defense of unconstitutionality or the First Amendment doesn’t cut it.”

On Tuesday, Democrat Impeachment Managers laid out their case for conviction, claiming Trump aimed is supporters “like a loaded cannon.” We’re well aware Democrats aren’t in the habit of telling the truth. 

Republican senators have signaled their intention to acquit Trump. In a vote last week, 45 of them voted against the constitutionality of Trump’s Senate trial. This puts Trump far-and-away from the number needed to convict. 

Making waves is what several advisers have been urging Trump to do. Most pertinently, Bannon has urged Trump to make his case in person. 

Whatever Trump’s decision, the chances of acquittal remain sky-high. 

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