The Joe Biden administration just re-opened an Obama-era tent city to house an influx of illegal immigrant children currently surging the border. 

Describing the temporary shelters as “semi-permanent soft-sided structures,” Biden’s administration proves their dedication to dishonesty is at an all-time high. 

Obviously, semi-permanent (soft-sided) structure is nothing but euphemism for “tent.” The Biden administration has become so enamored with ‘Wokeisms’ that even uttering the word “tent” is enough for Far-Left backlash. 

The glaring hypocrisy should not go unnoticed here. The Trump administration faced considerable criticism over its use of temporary shelters, also known as ‘tent cities,’ in towns across the southern border.

Multiple mainstream news outlets railed against Trump administration use of tent cities as temporary housing shelters for illegal immigrants. Many even went so far as to say they were “wastes of taxpayer dollars” and a “cruel form of punishment for migrants.” Journalists quickly changed their tune as Biden is rewarded with near total obedience from America’s press corps. 

Trump and his administration experienced sustained criticism once an article with accompanied photos of the temporary housing facility were published as a way to prove the President’s ‘heartlessness.’ The journalist involved was almost immediately forced to retract once it was known the proof of Trump’s ‘heartlessness’ was actual proof of Obama’s! The pictures in question were actually taken in 2014 soon after Obama gave orders to erect the tent city. Nevertheless, Democrats and their media supporters used the migrant facilities as a cudgel against the Trump administration, blasting it for separating kids from families.

Democrats fail to mention the separation process only occurs because the parent crossed the border illegally. These temporary housing facilities provide shelter for the unaccompanied minor while their parent waits for deportation in jail. This fact was often looked over by the press while Obama repeatedly enforced this policy. 

It is no secret the media is not treating the Biden administration the same way it treated the Trump administration. With articles titled, “Separated Families: A Legacy Biden Has Inherited From Trump” it’s become obvious the fake news will use whatever tools necessary to divide the nation.

The Obama administration also separated families. At the time, many in the press were more than accommodating to those Obama officials responsible for the child separation policy, allowing them a platform to justify their decision. With Trump, that was not an option. 

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