Since the Spring of 2020, most major public-school systems in American had one approach to handling the pandemic: lock down the schools. They tried to compensate for the sudden lack of education, extra-curricular activities, and socializing with flimsy online classes. But it quickly became clear that students of all ages (from college to pre-school) don’t thrive in such an environment.

You’d think teachers would have been the first to demand a return to normalcy. Nope! Realizing they could still get paid and stay at home, numerous teachers unions have refused to go back to school. They have ignored significant data that suggests there is little threat of spreading the virus among students. Meanwhile, countless children have been suffering.

The situation is pretty bad in heavily blue cities. Teachers unions have pushed back on negotiations that would get kids back in class. In Chicago, they delayed a deal yet again, pushing back the date for in-person learning by at least another week.

Now, the mayor of the Windy City is getting ticked off.

In a fiery speech Thursday morning, broadcast live on most local news networks, Lightfoot demanded that teachers reach a deal with the Chicago Public Schools.

“Enough is enough,” Lightfoot demanded, citing “failing grades, depression, isolation” among students, whom she says “cannot afford to wait any longer.”

…“We’ve extended ourselves beyond measure,” she continued, citing a $100 million investment in creating safe classrooms. “We need our kids back in school. We need our parents to have that option. It should not be that CPS parents are, of all the schools in our city, the only ones that don’t have the option for in-person learning. It cannot be that a public school denies parents that right.” [Source: Daily Wire]

It looks like Lightfoot is at the end of her rope, out of options for getting teachers to come back. All over the country, Democrats in blue cities struggle to convince unions to stop their stonewalling and get back to work. It seems these governors and mayors lack the leadership skills to find commons ground and grant a deal.

Hmm… maybe they shouldn’t have been giving these unions so much power over the years. It has clearly come back to bite them on the rear.

Teachers unions have refused to go back to work, claiming the threat of the virus is too great. But experts have blasted these teachers, saying no other “company or employer in the private sector would tolerate the sort of behavior teachers are engaged in.” Because they have so much power, teachers unions can simply say “No” to coming back, despite the significant damage it’s causing to children.

Ironic, right? The very people who are supposed to put children first are putting themselves first. The CDC and FDA both agree that it’s perfectly safe for teachers to return to classes, even if they aren’t vaccinated.

But, as we’ve seen for nearly a year, many in our society are ignoring science to exploit the pandemic for their own gain. It’s no different for these unions.

I wonder what Lightfoot will have to do to finally end the showdown?

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