President Trump lost nearly half of his wealth during his time in the White House. The Left has often accused Trump of using the office of President to enrich himself and his family. Again, the left has been proven miserably incorrect. 

When Trump announced his candidacy in 2015, he was riding high with a whopping $4.5 billion-dollar net worth. While he has no need for concern, his net worth was significantly lessened upon leaving the White House in 2021. 

Upon entering office, Trump had a recurring spot on Forbe’s list of wealthiest Americans. He started to see his net worth fall in 2019 during a slight economic recession caused by Democrat shutdown of the government. Trump has also faced significant blacklisting and improper treatment as a result of his Presidency, further causing his net worth to fall.

Multiple banks and former business partners have also cut ties with Trump, unfairly blaming him for the Capitol protests on January 6th. 

Trump’s namesake business also saw a drop in revenue. The company’s profits dropped to $278 million at the end of 2020. Democrats can now rest assured President Trump had no intention to profit off is office or thereafter. 

On the bright side, Trump’s now-home, Mar-a-Lago saw a 30% increase in profit in the four years of his presidency. One look at this beautiful South Florida resort and you’ll know exactly why. 

Trump made $400,000 in yearly salary as president but donated all of his quarterly checks to various causes throughout his term in office.

Despite what the numbers tell us, Democrats will by no means drop the charges made against Trump over his personal finances. Trump has proved time and again money is by no means a motivation for his ascendancy to the Oval Office. 

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