Joe Biden made all sorts of promises during the 2020 election. He claimed he’d be a better leader than Donald Trump, despite doing nothing during the worst of the pandemic. Joe promised a brighter future with his “Build Back Better” claims. He even got behind the increase to the minimum wage with the “Fight for $15” movement.

But quickly into his administration, Joe proved he wasn’t too interested in keeping his promises. Does “building back better” include killing a major project that would put thousands out of work as squander billions of dollars already spent? What about halting the construction of a needed border wall, that would deprive us of even more jobs?

Biden promised not to be like “tyrant” Donald Trump, but has ignored Congress repeatedly to force through over 40 executive orders in just his first few weeks. That shocking move even sparked backlash from Democrats at the New York Times. Donald Trump always tried to work with Congress. Joe doesn’t seem to think he needs to.

Now, add another broke promise to the list. This in the form of a promised minimum wage boost.

The Biden White House is reportedly giving up on a federal minimum wage hike out of fear the measure will make the COVID-19 relief bill unpalatable to moderate Democrats and some Republicans, leaving the administration struggling to make good on a primary campaign promise…

Biden will require Republican support for the measure — support he’s not likely to get if Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) insists that the bill contain the minimum wage hike. But if Democrats decide to pass the bill through “reconciliation” — a parliamentary procedure that allows a party to force through a budget-oriented bill on a simple majority vote — a minimum wage provision would act as a “poison pill,” effectively killing the bill before it could be brought to a vote. [Source: Daily Wire]

It’s ironic that, when Trump first entered office, he was ample to raise wages by simply cutting taxes. Millions of Americans (not just entry-level workers) saw their paychecks increase, because the government was taking less. Add to that immigration reforms, companies were eager to keep good, American workers through pay increases.

Biden’s approach is to force a minimum wage hike, while increasing taxes and government spending. That might help low-level workers, for a time. But increased costs for small and large businesses will eventually lead to layoffs—especially since, you know, plenty of businesses are already shutdown thanks to Democrat governors.

But even then, Joe can’t even get his $15/hour measure through!

Just think, if Biden really cared about increasing wages for American workers, he’d try to get more tax cuts passed. He’d also put pressure on Democrat-run states to speed up their reopening plans, so more low entry workers (hurt the worst from the lockdowns) can go back to work.

But is that what Biden is doing? Nope! He’s fighting to give our free checks and force companies to increase wages for entry-level employees.

Why doesn’t he focus on policies that help everyone? Well, one thing to keep in mind is that illegal aliens who first come to American grab entry-level jobs. They also find loopholes to get government assistance.

Is Joe prioritizing relief and policies that help non-Americans over citizens? You tell me.

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