The supreme leader of Iran demanded the United States lift all Trump-issued sanctions if it wants Tehran to commit to Obama’s nuclear deal with world powers. These demands come as the Biden administration signaled a diplomatic softening of the way Iran is handled. 

In his first statements since Biden assumed office, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said, “If the U.S. wants Iran to return to its commitments, it was must life all sanctions in practice…” 

Biden seemingly rejected this idea in an interview that aired this weekend. 

Given Joe’s role in Obama’s White House, it will not come as a shock if Biden’s current administration is concocting a Part 2 of the aforementioned Nuclear Deal that enriched the Iranian terrorist regime. 

When asked if the U.S. will lift the Trump-issued sanctions that will bring Iran to the negotiating table, Biden replied by saying, “No.” He was then asked if Iran had to stop enriching uranium first. Biden remained silent. 

Then President Trump bravely withdrew the U.S. from the horrific atomic deal, which forced Iran to agree to limit its enrichment of uranium in exchange for lifting of suppressive economic sanctions. Biden has signaled he plans to revive the Obama-era deal, but insisted Iran must first cease all nuclear steps taken since Trump terminated the agreement. 

Following Trump’s so-called maximum pressure campaign on Iran, the terrorist regime began to violate its atomic commitments, and furthered threats and provocations of violence in an effort to increase its leverage with Biden. Their hopes were to thrust the Biden administration back to the negotiating table in the hopes all economic pressures would be lifted. 

Iran’s parliament seriously violated international accord when they approved a law to block nuclear inspectors later this month. This action comes on the heels of Trump authorizing the killing of their leading nuclear scientist, essentially crippling their ability to ramp up atomic development.

The Iranian regime has also begun experimenting with the key components used to produce a nuclear warhead. The country has ramped up uranium enrichment to that of weapons-grade levels. Tehran claims their recent nuclear enrichment program is for peaceful purposes only. 

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