President Trump’s defense team won’t be the only ones taking center stage during the phony Senate impeachment trial. The Democrats who routinely voiced support for the destructive riots and violent unrest last summer will have to defend themselves as well. 

Trump’s attorneys Bruce Castor along with David Schoen were asked about their plan to shine a light on the radical Democrats who expressed little concern as major U.S. cities burnt to the ground.  

“Will you highlight Maxine Waters, and a number of other top Democrats for not speaking out against Antifa and other Left-Wing violence this summer?” the interviewer asked.

“You can absolutely count on that,” Castor said. “There’s a lot of evidence of burning cities, federal property being attacked, and federal agents experiencing violence, all cheered on by Democrat officials,” 

Castor argues that the fiery language House Democrats have accused Trump of using to incite insurrection is commonplace in today’s Washington D.C. 

“Many politicians in Washington are using the most inflammatory rhetoric the law allows. And certainly no one would suggest they would be responsible for any of the violence last summer,” he said. 

Through impeachment, Democrats are saying the language they use is only wrong when Trump does it. 

“But when you have a President of the United States give a speech empowering the people of America to peacefully make you voice heard to the elected people of Congress , he’s all of a sudden an insurrectionist,” Trump’s legal team said.

The legal duo also noted that the proceeding with the Senate impeachment trial is not only unconstitutional as Trump is now a private citizen, but it’s also just wrong. 

“They could impeach Donald Trump if he was dead because he’s not in office. By the House impeachment logic, they can go back and impeach Abraham Lincoln.”

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said in a Sunday interview, “It’s time to move on.” Signaling an all-time-low approval for this phony upcoming trial. 

“The impeachment trial should be ended before it begins because it’s blatantly unconstitutional,” Graham said.

“As far as Donald Trump, look at the polls, he’s the most popular person in the Republican Party. January 6th was a bad day for America, and he will get his blame in history, but enough is enough.”

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